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A Perfect Night? Chocolate Smoothies and the “Girl Power 10”

In just three weeks, these girls have stolen my heart. They are both spunky and soft spoken. Bold and reserved. Confident and uncertain. Funny and serious. They are all of these things, depending on the moment or their mood. They are all these things and more, because ¬†they are young girls, and that’s just what […]

Yolk-Weary? Three Egg-Free, Healthy Breakfast Dishes!

I could eat eggs every day for breakfast and then again for lunch or “brinner” and not grow bored. My daily breakfast almost always includes 2 eggs – scrambled, hard boiled, in an egg casserole. So many options! But not all of you are so cluck-hungry, and sometimes even my tastebuds and stomach appreciate a […]

Cavegirl Eats: Chocolate Cravings, SQUASHed!!!

While I haven’t abandoned pumpkin as my fave fall gourd – that would just be wrong and foolish – I am discovering a second love in my Paleo eating adventures this season: the butternut squash. Yeah, I know…Butter-who?!? But trust the Cavegirl on this one. Butternut squash is da bomb. And it is even more awesome when paired with chocolate. Go ahead, read back over that again. It is not a typo. Butternut squash + chocolate = a little taste of awesome on the tastebuds.

Cavegirl Eats: Pumpkin, 5 Ways…Including “Pie”!

I may or may not be obsessed with pumpkin. OK, OK, I am. There, I admitted it. Now let me help you see why!
See, when I find something I like, I want to make to make the most of it. I put it to work for me. Kind of like a great circuit training session or bootcamp, I want superfoods that will “work” at 110 percent when it comes to fortifying my daily eating. Iceberg lettuce, processed chips and the like need not show up.
Pumpkin is that “all-in, 110 %” superfood for me this time of year. It can be eaten all day long, in multiple forms, and my diet is healthier for it. It falls under my Paleo eating plan, it is packed with fiber and good carbs plus beta-carotene and Vitamin A. It is also inexpensive and easy to find canned or whole in the fall. That’s what I call #winning.
So here are my 5 favorite uses for pumpkin lately!

Healthy Eating Starts with These 5 Kitchen Must-Haves!

Dear CrockPot Inventor, I don’t know who you are or if you are still on this good Earth, but I am of the opinion that you deserve a gold medal in “Kitchen Genius.” If you were here, I’d salute you with a hot oven mitt and treat you to a huge bowl of my slow-cooked Cuban pulled pork.The CrockPot is just one of a few must-have appliances I use to eat healthy while juggling a full schedule of day job, fitness business, blogging, freelance writing, etc. The slow cooker and other affordable, handy kitchen tools take the guess work, prep time and cook time of healthy food prep. Stock your kitchen with these, and you are on the road to healthier, fast-to-the-table meals that also happen to be aaaah-mazingly delicious!