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Food Prep Diaries and 10,000 meters

Oh my goodness. Sleeping for more than 12 hours Sunday felt glorious after the horrible airport sleepover in Dallas! It also told me my body really needed those extra hours. Sir Burpee slept just as long, meaning his sleepover at Perky Petz was just as much of a whirlwind – though far more fun than […]

The Worst Patient, the Best Comforts

I am the worst patient. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I am extremely impatient. Anyone with me? My body might be dragging, but I want to keep going. Which isn’t necessarily the best path to a quick recovery, right? ¬†Yet there are classes to be taught and a new fitness studio to […]

Who needs sleep!? Ummm WE do! Five Tips for Sounder Slumber

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Grain Brain. We all know we SHOULD get more sleep. But so often, we let it fall by the wayside to other commitments and schedule demands, right? In fact, I should be sleeping right now or headed there but here I am blogging about […]

Badass Brain Food: Research Tidbits

Knowledge really is power. And half the battle in this Badass Journey is knowing what’s what – and what works.
It helps to turn to the brainiacs for knowledge, so here are some research tidbits I’ve gathered from various sources on issues ranging from nutrition to the sleep-metabolism connection and the truth about your personal max effort.