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IDEA World Bound: Not the glam life, but the blessed life

“Not the glam life, but the best life. Not the glam life, but the best life. The blessed life.” As I sat in the Dallas airport earlier today waiting – AGAIN – for a delayed takeoff, that mantra was repeating itself inside my head. Tammy, aka GingerMantra, and I were headed to Los Angeles for […]

Gourmet Dinner by Walmart, Workouts by MacGyver

This gourmet salad was created at Walmart: No, really. It came from the land of the bargain socks and “buy 1 get 9”¬†whatever’s. Starting with all this: I tossed it together in the kitchenette of my Homewood Suites hotel room Friday night in Lafayette, Louisiana – practicing what I preach to students and clients about […]

Jugglings, failings, reckonings…and a killer cycle profile!

So, umm, yeah, about that whole “I am going to stay on top of this blog schedule and post regularly” thing… Turns out, when trying to juggle a full time PR job, fitness studio ownership and an increasing (and much welcome!) workload as a master trainer, writing blogs has to come second to sleep and […]

Unlimited goodness in small packages: Puppies, workouts, Nuttzo!

I could say that I picked Sir Burpee, one of three rescue Maltese puppies I visited Sunday. But the truth is, he picked me. He immediately licked my face and settled into my lap. And he stayed there for the entire 5-hour ride home. He’s pretty much been there ever since, already growing so attached […]

Living the ShockWave Code: Test Your Limits. Do Your Best. Hustle on Through.

Test your limits. Do your best. Support your team. Compare and compete. Hustle on Through.¬† This is the “The Code” of the Shockwave workout program, which we just launched at the Badass Fitness studio this week. It also should be “The Code” we follow in fitness and life. I’ve been thinking about “The Code” ever […]