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Nut Thins & Nuttzo! 5 Favorite Protein-Carb Combos on the Go!

I really like to eat. So much so, I can be rather hurried and sloppy about it. As evidenced by today’s dress fiasco at the office: Now you know why I prefer to wear black. It shows less stains! Fortunately, I have a Tide to Go pen on hand at all times AND the food […]

Food Prep Diaries and 10,000 meters

Oh my goodness. Sleeping for more than 12 hours Sunday felt glorious after the horrible airport sleepover in Dallas! It also told me my body really needed those extra hours. Sir Burpee slept just as long, meaning his sleepover at Perky Petz was just as much of a whirlwind – though far more fun than […]

Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts & accountability

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Orlando, Florida. Michigan. Louisiana. Back to Orlando. Texas. Atlanta. Los Angeles.  My travel schedule through July is kinda nutty, with fitness conferences and master trainer work from one coast to the other.  Which is awesome for frequent flier and Hilton Honors points but can be challenging for […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Nuttzo Apple Pork, and a SWEET Nuttzo giveaway!

Two facts: 1. Nuttzo makes everything taste better. 2. The slow cooker makes cooking everything easier. Put these two facts together, and you get a delicious dinner. Today’s recipe – Nuttzo Apple Pork – is beyond easy, and a perfect healthy comfort food option as winter approaches. I whipped it up the other day after […]

Make this NOW: Pineapple Coconut Pulled Chicken…and a Zensah giveaway!

Officially, summer starts today. June 21. But here in North Florida, it’s been the dog days of summer for like 2 months. It’s so hot, dogs don’t want to walk outside. Just ask Sir Burpee: Yep, that’s what he did multiple times this week when I took him out for a walk. Tough life for […]

Reading the signs…and making your own ‘Larabar’

THIS is what we call a Big-ass, Badass sign: Yep, the sign for the expanded studio arrived Friday, and it makes quite the official announcement of our growing presence at the corner of 7th and Thomasville Road here in Tallahassee! The sign and marquee are actually grandfathered in for city codes, so it was just […]

Unlimited goodness in small packages: Puppies, workouts, Nuttzo!

I could say that I picked Sir Burpee, one of three rescue Maltese puppies I visited Sunday. But the truth is, he picked me. He immediately licked my face and settled into my lap. And he stayed there for the entire 5-hour ride home. He’s pretty much been there ever since, already growing so attached […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Mango Apple Thai Slaw …and a Nuttzo giveaway!

The best recipes happen by accident, no? They happen when you’re just trying to make the most of whatever is in the fridge or pantry. So it went Sunday, when I found myself staring at two ripe mangoes, a few apples, and many jars of Nuttzo. I wasn’t feeling like more Pineapple Slaw. I wanted something […]

Cavegirl Eats: Nuttzo for Energy Bits Smoothie!

Whew. What.A.Week. Thirteen classes in five days. Two sessions with an awesome new training client. Work meetings, deadlines and more deadlines. Packing for this weekend’s #badassbabes road trip to the Hot Chocolate 15k in Atlanta. Somewhere in there, I slept and ate a ton of Whole30 meals. And got in my daily devotionals, part of […]

A Nuttzo party, and the 12 Days of Christmas WOD

Ummm have you checked the calendar?! Christmas is 8 days away! Eeeek! Someone hand me a jar of Nuttzo while I ponder the stress of it all! Yes, when the season brings you deadlines and shopping lists and crowded malls, I say it’s best to put it all aside and wallow in a little deliciousness. So […]