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Cavegirl Bakes: Adventures in Vitamix

Well, folks, I might never leave my kitchen now that this beauty dwells in it: We can blame/thank my Dad, who sent this awesome early Christmas present late last week. It was such a busy week at work and the studio, trying to wrap things up before the Christmas break — but all I could […]

Huddle Up! It’s a Game-Day Stadium Workout in Under 30!

I don’t play college football, I just like to workout like I do. If you do the same, your Badass (and legs, and glutes, and heart, etc.) will thank you for it! There are few things as effective as a good stadiums workout, and I love them most in fall when the temps get more bearable […]

Bootcamp 101: Zero Equipment, 100% Effort

The best workouts are those that challenge us but require little to no equipment and can be done anywhere, at any time. These no-excuses workouts test our mettle, and our self-motivation.
Bootcamp workouts definitely fall under this category. Three times over the holidays, I got messages from boot camp students and clients (a few pictured at left) telling me that they did their own bootcamp workout while visiting family or entertaining their little ones on break from school. One student said her 11-year-old had so much fun, and got so tuckered out, she requested a nap. Another student even posted a picture of her heart rate monitor, which showed she burned 800-plus calories. Badass for sure!
I love having lots of faces in my weekly bootcamps, but also know that many of you live far away or can’t make it due to schedule restraints or other reasons. So here’s a Bootcamp 101 workout that you can keep “in your back pocket,” so to speak, as a great calorie burner and muscle builder.