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Nut Thins & Nuttzo! 5 Favorite Protein-Carb Combos on the Go!

I really like to eat. So much so, I can be rather hurried and sloppy about it. As evidenced by today’s dress fiasco at the office: Now you know why I prefer to wear black. It shows less stains! Fortunately, I have a Tide to Go pen on hand at all times AND the food […]

A Perfect Night? Chocolate Smoothies and the “Girl Power 10”

In just three weeks, these girls have stolen my heart. They are both spunky and soft spoken. Bold and reserved. Confident and uncertain. Funny and serious. They are all of these things, depending on the moment or their mood. They are all these things and more, because  they are young girls, and that’s just what […]

Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts & accountability

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Orlando, Florida. Michigan. Louisiana. Back to Orlando. Texas. Atlanta. Los Angeles.  My travel schedule through July is kinda nutty, with fitness conferences and master trainer work from one coast to the other.  Which is awesome for frequent flier and Hilton Honors points but can be challenging for […]

Morning Muscle Smoothie and the Fitness Gamble

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Bottoms up! It’s Friday, people! For the past week I have been enjoying the best smoothie right after teaching early morning classes! It’s got the perfect blend of healthy carbs and protein to fuel my muscles after tough sessions. I call it Morning Muscle, and it was […]

Snack attack! Hop on the Cinnamon Train!

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Well hello strangers! Friday Confession: I had a big, fat heavily frosted gluten free cinnamon roll from Kyra’s Bake Shop last night for dinner.  Yep, the blog AND my meals in some cases had to take a backseat the past week or so because of the following happenings: 1. Sir […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Blue Diamond Honey Chipotle Chicken

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Whenever people say “Chicken is boring,” I feel like inviting them over to prove otherwise. Yes, a dry plain chicken breast is boring. I ate plenty of those during a fitness competition several years back. But that’s not the way chicken is meant to be. It’s meant […]

5 Badass-Approved Summer Road Trip Snacks: Blue Diamond Almonds and more!

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. On the road again. With Fitbloggin in Savannah last week, the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta this weekend, and IDEAFit in California next month, my travel schedule runneth over. Which can wreak major havoc on healthy eating plans. I mean, have you perused a convenience store lately? Airports […]

The Mailman Delivered! Latest Faves Worth Trying!

Blogger perk: My front doorstep often looks like this… Boxes of treats and surprises from brands wanting me to check out their products – and tell you Badass readers all about it! Lately the mailman has delivered some really awesome surprises, and I wanted to share them so you can check them out for yourself […]