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Healthy Meal Prep Survival: Go-To Quickies!

Some weekends are just so busy, the prospect of chopping, dicing and roasting is too much! For me, this was one of those weekend. I had to log 5 miles first thing Saturday through nasty humidity before teaching my cycle/strength class… (I know, I know, such a drama queen! But it really was one of […]

Yolk-Weary? Three Egg-Free, Healthy Breakfast Dishes!

I could eat eggs every day for breakfast and then again for lunch or “brinner” and not grow bored. My daily breakfast almost always includes 2 eggs – scrambled, hard boiled, in an egg casserole. So many options! But not all of you are so cluck-hungry, and sometimes even my tastebuds and stomach appreciate a […]

#WIAWhole30: Week 1 in Living Color!

Yessss! Week 1 of the #Whole30 is so far delicious, filling, and energizing. Admittedly I am still tinkering a bit with the timing and volume of my meals (Given my intense teaching and training load, I am doing 4 meals, not 3, which It Starts with Food allows. And I am finding on some days I […]