BA Fitness is all about getting you to your finish line – and then finding new fitness goals to achieve. Better, faster, stronger, more Badass. These recruits can tell you all about it:

, age 25, lost over 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes with Badass Fitness personal training: I cannot say enough great things about Shannon. When I started training with her, I was defeated by my current workout regimen – putting in the hours but seeing none of the results. Shannon taught me that working out cannot only be fun, it can be rewarding – whether it’s another pound lost, another mile run, more weight lifted or a smaller split time. With Shannon, no workout is ever the same. She has taught me how to set realistic goals and not only accomplish them, but also surpass them. She is a constant motivator, host of fitness knowledge and is always willing to give advice. As I approach my six month working out with her, I am not only in the best shape I have ever been, but I am also more confident, healthy, and most importantly, happy. I have been truly blessed to have her support and encouragement, and I look forward to seeing what new goals I can accomplish with her as my guide.

Since discovering BA fitness studio at the end of January, I’ve experienced fantastic results. Just from adding TRX strength training classes 2-3 times per week to my cardio routine, I have lost 10 lbs and over 4 inches in my waist alone- in less than two months!! And holy arm muscles! What a difference. Summer sleeveless arms, here I come! More importantly, I’ve gained confidence in myself that I can do something new and be successful! I have about 25 lbs to lost to get to my goal and I can’t imagine a more supportive group of coaches to help me achieve this. Plus, the BA studio mascot, Sir Burpee, is pretty adorable. Even if you don’t really want to work out that day, the promise of Burpee kisses lures you in;) Thanks for everything, my friends!

Shelby Smith, who lost 30 pounds and gained new strength with the studio’s variety of classes: Since 2007, I have lost around 120lbs on my own but after moving back to Tallahassee in 2012, I had slowly but surely gained back about 30lbs by not eating right and being incredibly sedentary. One (very early) morning while driving home, I saw people leaving a building with a “Badass Fitness” sign over the door. I remember thinking that was a fantastic name for a gym and going home and researching the studio over the next few days. I eventually worked up the courage in October 2014 to sign up for an 8-week round of Tabata Bootcamp (and talked my friend into early mornings as well). Two rounds of bootcamp later, I am back to what I weighed when I moved here and then some, resulting in approximately 30lbs total and 6 inches off my waist alone.

The weight loss has been great but what has impressed me the most about Badass Fitness has been the instructor’s focus on not just losing weight but also being strong. Yes, I have lost a good amount of weight in the last 6 months but I have also gained muscle and strength that I’ve never had before. For the first time in my life, I actually have arm muscles I can see in the mirror when I flex! By combining the bootcamp classes with other formats such as TRX, IndoRow, and cycling, I’ve been able to not only lose inches but also gain a stronger core, arms, and legs while getting to play with some fun equipment at the same time! No two classes are exactly alike which keeps me from feeling like I’m in an exercise rut and many times I’m too busy laughing or listening to genuinely interesting stories to feel bored with working out.

At times there are exercises that my body just isn’t ready for or that I can only do for a short time and the staff at Badass Fitness has never made me feel like I’m not good enough or don’t belong. They always show modifications to every exercise and help you find ways to still get a good workout without injuring or hurting your body. The entire studio, including instructors, canine mascots, and fellow studio mates, is so encouraging and truly makes you feel like family from the moment you first walk through the doors.

Nicolle Bournival, who was able to get pregnant after nutrition and fitness help from Badass Fitness: I have been with Badass Fitness for a year, and when I walked in the gym I had no idea what to expect. I made my husband go with me to my very first class because I was nervous. Tammy Means was the first coach I ever met at the gym and she was so welcoming to me and took her time with me showing me every move. I remember saying I need to come back because Tammy seemed to have a passion for fitness and helping people meeting goals, and I needed to be around people like Tammy. I was 20 pounds overweight when I first started my first round of Tabata Bootcamp, and my confidence level was at the lowest it has ever been.

I could not do one pushup before I walked through the door. Now I do pushups seven months pregnant and not on my knees (huge fist bump to myself!). I had no idea about the science of nutrition and exercise, but Shannon talked to me about my eating and small improvements to make huge differences for a healthier lifestyle. During class, Mitzi is stern about proper form and encourages us to leave everything in the gym. She doesn’t let anyone give up in class.

Due to the coaches at Badass Fitness, I became healthy enough to get pregnant. I had been trying to get pregnant a year before I came to Badass, and I give so much credit for that miracle to all the advice I received to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s truly great to be at a gym with individuals who care about every person who walks through the door. I remember crying when I reached my weight goal through Badass, and I remember praying to God for strength to become healthy to carry a child. Now seven months pregnant, I still work out and keep to my nutrition goals, and the coaches modify moves for me in every class to accommodate my growing belly. Words can never express the happiness this little gym has brought into my life.


Mandy Clark, who found post-baby weight loss with Tabata Bootcamp: I’ve never been a big fan of gyms, because I could never seem to find my place in them. I always preferred to do it alone, and did OK for awhile, I suppose. But becoming a mom changed everything for me. Heading into 2015, I realized I needed help to get my fitness back—mind, body and soul. I signed up for the 8-week Tabata “New You” Bootcamp at Badass Fitness, because I loved the philosophy Shannon has cultivated as the mission for the studio. It just seemed like it might be the right fit for me.

And man, has it ever been. I have never felt such support in a fitness studio as I have at BA Fitness. And I think it’s because it’s so much more than “working out.” At Badass Fitness you can find YOUR fitness- at whatever level of support, intensity, or frequency you want. And the community of coaches and fellow fitness seekers there is amazing! Every coach I have worked with has been so interested and encouraging in my fitness journey. And the best part is, it’s paying off! I lost 13 pounds and 6 inches in my first 8 weeks of Tabata Bootcamp, and I’ve lost 7 more pounds since starting Round 2. But what I’m actually valuing most is this new love affair I’ve found with becoming the most fit I can be, in all facets of my life. Thank you Shannon, Tonya and the BA Fitness team!

MandyClarkBeforeFront  MandyClarkAfterFront

Tammy, who uses exercise to help manage arthritis: Shannon and her Badass Bootcamps and TRX Workouts have resparked my workout spirit. I battle what can potentially be a debilitating illness and staying active is important to reducing the progression. With Shannon, you can work at your own level while also having more advanced alternatives to challenge yourself when your body allows. Want to challenge your mind and resolve to get back into a healthy way of living, then get up and move with Shannon. She’ll put the “Badass” back in your step!