Little Drill Sergeant

thumbnailJust call me the Little Drill Sergeant. The small but mighty leader of the ‘Badass Army.’ I am a PR maven by day, but fitness is my full-time passion.

An ACE- and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor with more than eight years of experience, you can find me in the early mornings and evenings working one on one with clients or leading classes at the BA Fitness studio in Midtown Tallahassee. In between, I serve as an Ambassador for FitFluential, SweatPink and brands including Ryka, Handful, Energy Bits, and more. I run on faith, the energy of my students and two rescue pups, the daily cup of java, and a solid seven hours of sleep a night.

BA Fitness was founded on my belief that the body is an amazing temple capable of great feats. Every day is a blessing, and the temple should be honored by caring for it. No matter where your starting line is, at the finish line is a better, stronger you.  You just have to believe. Toward the end of a class, you’ll often hear me or another coach say: “Come on, keep pushing. You’ve come too far to give up now.”

I wasn’t always so strong.

I come from an Irish-Italian family where food equals comfort and love, often in excessive quantities. I also had an unstable childhood, so for too many years used food as my “control mechanism.” But after college at the University of Florida, I found joy in fitness, tapping into the DNA that comes from a family of track runners and athletes. Today, my joy comes from students and clients. Every time the BA Fitness crew gets stronger in numbers and fitness victories, it is a great day!

No matter where you are in your Badass Journey, BA Fitness is here to help. With a fist bump, a smile…and a few sets of burpees! Email us to get started:


The Skinny on Me

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Vegan eater: Since May 2016

Favorite clean-eating food: Almond butter…on just about anything!

Favorite indulgence food: Pizza, chocolate cake, big cookies, and Tostitos Hint of Lime (I can eat the entire bag!). A girl’s gotta live a little!

Favorite body part to train: Legs and glutes. #feeltheburn

Least favorite body part to train: Chest

Favorite #FitGear: Ryka!

Certifications: ACE, AAFA

Certificates: Tabata Bootcamp, TRX Suspension, TRX RIP Trainer, TRX Team Camp, Barre Above, Schwinn Cycling, RealRyder Cycling, MADD Dog Cycling, Indo-Row, Shockwave

Current and Past Ambassadorships: Ryka, FitFluential, SweatPink, IDEA Inspired Blogger, MyGroupFit, Handful, Energy Bits, Zensah, and more

Betcha didn’t know: I speak Spanish and Portuguese

Betcha didn’t know, part 2: I graduated from UF with a 4.0 #BOOM

Hidden talents: I make my bed like a pro…in the dark, as soon as the alarm goes off. Total OCD.

Gym pet peeves: Dudes in short shorts, grunters, and people who don’t wipe their equipment down

Favorite gym moments: When students or clients surprise themselves by how strong they are! That makes me a happy happy drill sergeant!