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Finish Line Pride

I heart these people so much. These are some of the faces and hearts that make the Badass Fitness studio such a special place. These are some of the people who come in every week and give 110% because they have personal goals and fitness pursuits.    Some of us are working to get faster […]

(NOT) Going the distance

Remember that time, a couple of years back, when I ran five half marathons in three months plus a few 5ks and 10ks in between? And then, after the 5th and most wretched of the 5 halfs – Space Coast! Never again! – promptly suffered knee pain that kept me sidelined for several weeks? Yeah, […]

2015 Race Season Kickoff: Chloe, Trent, and why Tallahassee rocks

I kicked off my first race of 2015 this morning with about 1,000 other runners/walkers/joggers, and it will probably end up being my slowest 5k of the year at 26:43. And guess what? I am loving that. Because I got to start the race with BadassBabes and other running friends, and I got to start […]

Floating kneecaps, pounding pavement, and a new TRX butt kicker

“You have floating kneecaps.” Sounds horrible, right? Well that’s what the vet told Sir Burpee this week after we went to see why he’s been hobbling on one of his back legs occasionally when he tries to play too rough or jump up on his back legs. Yeah, can you tell how thrilled we both […]

Celebrating miles, milestones and Badass temples

Lesson learned from Saturday’s Red Nose half marathon in tiny Thomasville, Georgia: Bigger isn’t always better, and the miles fly by when you spend them reflecting on what has been an amazing and blessed year. Check out the start line for us half marathoners:    The half marathon was among the smallest I’ve ever been […]

Stress, Bake, Run, Repeat…and the SWEETEST final Christmas giveaway!

Hello, Friday! You could not come soon enough. It’s been a tough week, plus this weekend is just going to be too good to wait any longer. My last 2014 half marathon, the BA Fitness Studio Christmas Party, wrapping the gifts for our Christmas Connection family on Sunday…yes, another packed but FUN weekend awaits! But […]

11 Miles in 3 Acts, Shower Pill saves the day, and another giveaway!

Sometimes you just have to make it happen. Whatever “it” is, life tries to get in the way and the easier way is to just throw our hands up and say “Oh well!” Tuesday I had to make 11 miles happen. But I also had to unexpectedly sub an early morning IndoRow class at the […]

A really good Sunday, and a cycle ride that hurts a little but heals a lot

It was a really good Sunday here in Tallahassee. Gray, rainy, windy. Yet filled with love, endorphins and some healing. After such a tough week, it was a day focused on friends, family, and being grateful for what we have while praying for those who lost so much in recent days. I got to spend […]

Lessons from Veterans and Badasses, Part 1

Did you get today off work? My office was closed for the Veteran’s Day holiday, and we closed the Badass Fitness studio as well. Instead, a group of us took our workout to the pavement with a 5k honoring local veterans. It was a great showing of our local Moms Run This Town chapter as […]

Happily Chasing Girls on the Run

This is Chloe. She is everything we runners should be for each other. Naturally fast, she is competitive with herself and tends to push hard. But she’s also supportive and encouraging of her fellow runners, and never has to be prompted to be so. She is as good a cheerleader for others as she is […]