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“I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am the best.”

Ladies reading this: If I asked you to declare what your “Girl Power” is, what would the answer be? Would it be this: Four weeks ago, this would not have been the answer from most of the girls attending our inaugural Girl Power Summer Camp. Many came in having been bullied in school, or shy, […]

IDEA World Bound: Not the glam life, but the blessed life

“Not the glam life, but the best life. Not the glam life, but the best life. The blessed life.” As I sat in the Dallas airport earlier today waiting – AGAIN – for a delayed takeoff, that mantra was repeating itself inside my head. Tammy, aka GingerMantra, and I were headed to Los Angeles for […]

2015 Race Season Kickoff: Chloe, Trent, and why Tallahassee rocks

I kicked off my first race of 2015 this morning with about 1,000 other runners/walkers/joggers, and it will probably end up being my slowest 5k of the year at 26:43. And guess what? I am loving that. Because I got to start the race with BadassBabes and other running friends, and I got to start […]

Paying it forward, and a ‘pay it forward’ giveaway!

Yesterday reduced me to tears. But in a really good way. The “crying because this amazing thing is happening” kind of way. All because the lights stayed on in a very special home here in Tallahassee. See, the BA Fitness studio is adopting a local family for Christmas. And since last week, I’ve been in […]

11 Ways to ‘Be an EleVen’

The following post is part of my role as an Eleven by Venus ambassador. All thoughts are my own. Why give 100 percent when you could give 110 percent and REALLY see what you’re made of? Why skip the victory lap after a race, after having put so much effort into those miles? Why just […]

Lessons from Veterans and Badasses, Part 1

Did you get today off work? My office was closed for the Veteran’s Day holiday, and we closed the Badass Fitness studio as well. Instead, a group of us took our workout to the pavement with a 5k honoring local veterans. It was a great showing of our local Moms Run This Town chapter as […]

Happily Chasing Girls on the Run

This is Chloe. She is everything we runners should be for each other. Naturally fast, she is competitive with herself and tends to push hard. But she’s also supportive and encouraging of her fellow runners, and never has to be prompted to be so. She is as good a cheerleader for others as she is […]

Conquering ‘Chemo Hill’ because #cancersucks

Confession: Cancer terrifies me. I talk a big game about pushing through obstacles and always believing we can prevail and overcome, but when I see others facing cancer, I always think, “I could not be so brave. How are they managing this?” They inspire and humble me. When I had a colon cancer scare and […]

Find your Momentum…and pass it on

Where do you find your momentum? What pushes you to keep going, and to try to get better at whatever it is you’re doing? Maybe it’s more like WHO. Tuesday night, as I led a cycling class at the studio, some of the students’ girls were over on the other end of the room playing […]

Unconditional Love Looks Like…a fluffy puppy

Warning: The following blog post will be short and slightly sappy. So I told you all a couple weeks ago about Sir Burpee winning the local Humane Society calendar contest and landing the cover. Well, our Sunday photo shoot last month was so much fun, and photographer Robin Adams this week sent images ¬†from the […]