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Nut Thins & Nuttzo! 5 Favorite Protein-Carb Combos on the Go!

I really like to eat. So much so, I can be rather hurried and sloppy about it. As evidenced by today’s dress fiasco at the office: Now you know why I prefer to wear black. It shows less stains! Fortunately, I have a Tide to Go pen on hand at all times AND the food […]

A Perfect Night? Chocolate Smoothies and the “Girl Power 10”

In just three weeks, these girls have stolen my heart. They are both spunky and soft spoken. Bold and reserved. Confident and uncertain. Funny and serious. They are all of these things, depending on the moment or their mood. They are all these things and more, because  they are young girls, and that’s just what […]

Workouts and Eats

Well heeeey strangers! Yes, it’s been awhile! Amid traveling for master trainings, running the studio, puppymamahood and working a full time PR job, the blog has had to take a bit of a backseat. But I was thinking, and I think part of why I haven’t posted is because I have been OVERthinking. Like, I […]

Morning Muscle Smoothie and the Fitness Gamble

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Bottoms up! It’s Friday, people! For the past week I have been enjoying the best smoothie right after teaching early morning classes! It’s got the perfect blend of healthy carbs and protein to fuel my muscles after tough sessions. I call it Morning Muscle, and it was […]

Rykä: The cross trainer we ladies need in our life

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, the cliche goes. And that cliche has merit when it comes to exercise, and how our knees, hips and joints line up – or don’t – while we do it. Did you know: A woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a […]

Kicks Review: Staying Fit and Fierce with Asics GEL-Fit Sanas

As much as I could live in my workout clothes from sun up to sun down, there’s something fun about getting dolled up now and then! But what if fitness wear could let us feel kind of dolled up? Feminine, but fierce. Flirty, but ready to work it OUT and get down to business. What […]

Paying it forward, and a ‘pay it forward’ giveaway!

Yesterday reduced me to tears. But in a really good way. The “crying because this amazing thing is happening” kind of way. All because the lights stayed on in a very special home here in Tallahassee. See, the BA Fitness studio is adopting a local family for Christmas. And since last week, I’ve been in […]

11 Miles in 3 Acts, Shower Pill saves the day, and another giveaway!

Sometimes you just have to make it happen. Whatever “it” is, life tries to get in the way and the easier way is to just throw our hands up and say “Oh well!” Tuesday I had to make 11 miles happen. But I also had to unexpectedly sub an early morning IndoRow class at the […]

2015 EleVen by Venus Sneak Peek and Giveaway!

Happy Friday! Bring on the weekend! It’s been a busy morning already. I taught cycle, snuck in 4 miles… …gave this fluffball a bath and got him into his Christmas red hoodie: …and whipped up a quick “pumpkin milkshake” for breakfast on the go thanks to Advocare and day 5 of the 24-Day Challenge: And […]

Sun up to sun down: A day in the life…and another giveaway!

I don’t lead what I’d consider a riveting life, but students and readers often ask me what a typical day looks like – what and when do I eat, what and when is my exercise routine, do I watch TV or have time to read, etc. So, here is what my Monday looked like. A […]