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“I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am the best.”

Ladies reading this: If I asked you to declare what your “Girl Power” is, what would the answer be? Would it be this: Four weeks ago, this would not have been the answer from most of the girls attending our inaugural Girl Power Summer Camp. Many came in having been bullied in school, or shy, […]

IDEA World Bound: Not the glam life, but the blessed life

“Not the glam life, but the best life. Not the glam life, but the best life. The blessed life.” As I sat in the Dallas airport earlier today waiting – AGAIN – for a delayed takeoff, that mantra was repeating itself inside my head. Tammy, aka GingerMantra, and I were headed to Los Angeles for […]

Gourmet Dinner by Walmart, Workouts by MacGyver

This gourmet salad was created at Walmart: No, really. It came from the land of the bargain socks and “buy 1 get 9” whatever’s. Starting with all this: I tossed it together in the kitchenette of my Homewood Suites hotel room Friday night in Lafayette, Louisiana – practicing what I preach to students and clients about […]

Thumbs up, thumbs down: Lessons from an airport sleepover

I should have known this weekend’s planned trip to Lubbock, Texas was going to crumble into a comedy of errors when we were 30 minutes late leaving Tallahassee because “the plane is overweight, folks,” as the captain told us. The irony of the plane being overweight as I headed to a fitness training, right?! There […]

Operation Shredded…starts with this Egg Casserole!

Sunday! That’s food prep day, or the continuation of Saturday food prep! And this weekend I dug in and made lots of good clean eats in advance of what I am calling “Operation Shredded.” When you own a fitness studio and teach 10-12 classes a week and train clients one on one, plus juggle a […]

Rethinking Mother’s Day…

Confession: Mother’s Day isn’t always my favorite holiday.  I am nearing 40, divorced and childless. The result of many decisions and choices, some regrettable and some not regrettable.  God closes doors but opens others. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it just doesn’t. To us, anyway.  So as sad as I am sometimes – and particularly […]

Love is…

Look at this face: The thought bubble on this one goes something like: “Why is this happening to me? Why did I wake up and my knees hurt so much?” And the answer that I wish I could make him understand: “Because I love you, Sir Burpee. This breaks my heart to see you in […]

Finish Line Pride

I heart these people so much. These are some of the faces and hearts that make the Badass Fitness studio such a special place. These are some of the people who come in every week and give 110% because they have personal goals and fitness pursuits.    Some of us are working to get faster […]

(NOT) Going the distance

Remember that time, a couple of years back, when I ran five half marathons in three months plus a few 5ks and 10ks in between? And then, after the 5th and most wretched of the 5 halfs – Space Coast! Never again! – promptly suffered knee pain that kept me sidelined for several weeks? Yeah, […]

Sir Burpee’s 1st Birthday, and God’s big shove

A year ago today, I was staring at this picture of three 12-week-old Maltese rescue puppies available for adoption, wondering which one to choose. The next day, I drove to Sarasota and that little guy in the middle looked up at me – just like this picture shows – as if to say “Pick me!” And […]