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“I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am the best.”

Ladies reading this: If I asked you to declare what your “Girl Power” is, what would the answer be? Would it be this: Four weeks ago, this would not have been the answer from most of the girls attending our inaugural Girl Power Summer Camp. Many came in having been bullied in school, or shy, […]

‘Merica in the Dark: Summer StormPocalypse

The worst storms are the ones that come completely unannounced, full throttle, with a quick and brutal kick of power that knocks us on our badasses. True in Florida during these summer months. True in life as well. So it went here in Tallahassee Tuesday, when a trio of storms blew through and toppled trees […]

Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts & accountability

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Orlando, Florida. Michigan. Louisiana. Back to Orlando. Texas. Atlanta. Los Angeles.  My travel schedule through July is kinda nutty, with fitness conferences and master trainer work from one coast to the other.  Which is awesome for frequent flier and Hilton Honors points but can be challenging for […]

Jugglings, failings, reckonings…and a killer cycle profile!

So, umm, yeah, about that whole “I am going to stay on top of this blog schedule and post regularly” thing… Turns out, when trying to juggle a full time PR job, fitness studio ownership and an increasing (and much welcome!) workload as a master trainer, writing blogs has to come second to sleep and […]

Donna Marathon Weekend: Tatas, seashells, finish lines…and my #LJFitChallenge report card

I spent my weekend with these fabulous friends and cancer survivors and friends and family of cancer survivors. It’s hard to really describe what the weekend was like. So many emotions. Crystal’s mom Ronnell who recently battled breast cancer was there, and back home our friend Sharon went into hospice care after fighting cancer for […]

Join me for the Lorna Jane FIT Challenge

When we get complacent, we get nowhere. It’s true in school, career, relationships, and of course in fitness. Even as a fitness instructor, I have to keep this in mind and constantly set new challenges – for myself and for my students. Sure, we could do the same exact thing in class every week. But […]

The Little Cycle Fundraiser That Could…a lesson in generosity

The next time I doubt the power of a team, I will look at this piece of paper saved in my purse: The next time I doubt the power of prayer, I will look at it. I will pull it out the next time I doubt whether good can trump evil, or the next time […]

Happy Birthday, BA Fitness Studio: Building temples, and a giveaway!

Happy Birthday, Badass Fitness studio! My, how you’ve grown and made us all stronger in one year! From a single 1,000-square foot room… … to 2,500 square feet including a second studio space with TRX and cycling. We’ve gone from a handful of coaches including myself to 13 fabulous coaches, without whom NONE of this […]

Feeling stuffed, doing ‘STUFFED,’ stuff to get excited about!

I have felt stuffed since Monday. Who’s with me??? ‘Tis the season, people! We had our office Thanksgiving potluck Monday, and this Paleo girl ventured off the ranch and to the dessert table where there was homemade pumpkin pie and something very chocolatey called “sex in a pan.” Say what?!? Yeah, it was as good […]

Thanksgiving! Blessings, Turkey & Trimmings and a quick WOD!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! I hope Thanksgiving is a wonderful one for you and your loved ones. I know I have many blessings to reflect on. I’ll be enjoying a relaxing day and meal with friends here in Tallahassee after putting in some work – 15k worth, to be exact – at the Turkey Trot tomorrow […]