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TRX Suspension ‘Quickie,’ and Paleo Cinnamon Java DONUTS!

Tuesday trivia: Is 30 minutes enough time to kick your butt in a workout? Answer: Heck YES, if you make every second count. We did that, and then some, at the studio Monday morning. TRXpress is a 30-minute TRX circuit class that doesn’t stop until the cool down. It starts at 5:15 am. This class […]

Birthday burpees, adventures in cake and donuts

Hello Friday! And hello to all of you! I’ve been way outta pocket this week, so I apologize! Things have been a bit hectic with work, fitness studio and puppy – Sir Burpee had his second round of shots this week and had a bad reaction to one of them. So yeah, that was a […]

In a rut? Try this stadium workout…fueled by Fruit.0!

Oh, how I have missed stadium workouts! Since the Badass Fitness studio opened, it’s been tough to fit them into the training schedule. But Sunday, I hosted the 4th Annual Bad Donkey Easter Egg Hunt Bootcamp for these cuties: We had 15 little ones as young as 4, and after they hunted for the 80 […]

For a healthier life, cues from puppy

I’m trying to teach Sir Burpee a lot of things as he grows from itty bitty puppy to itty bitty dog. Like “Try to hold your little bladder just a little longer so we don’t have to wake up at 1 am  and then 3:30 am every night.” Or “Please stop getting so excited to […]

When Frieda’s gives lemons…make Lemon Truffles!

Ya know what’s worse than having a running injury? Seeing your friends go through running injuries! BadassBabe Stephanie, after kicking butt in a few recent 15ks and the Donna Half Marathon, has been having knee and hip pain that sidelined her for the past week or two. I hated it for her, because I know […]

Tommie Copper Review and Giveaway: Cool, compressed, stylin’

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Tommie Copper. Whoever invented compression gear deserves a gold medal, right up there with whoever invented the slow cooker and whoever invented the Vitamix. I use compression socks when I run anything more than 3-4 miles, and use the sleeves and socks for recovery […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Grandma’s Eggplant Casserole, Paleo-fied

When life deals me curveballs, I do two things: Pray, then cook. Because even when I can’t control the actions of others, even when others’ weaknesses or insecurities disappoint those around them, I at least know I can control the deliciousness that comes from my oven or sauté pan! Anyone with me on that one? […]

Cavegirl Bakes, Cavegirl Loves: Cinnamon Latte Power Sweets

The true test of love and devotion looks a little something like this: Yes, that’s my guy earlier this week– in his custom-made suit and his fancy leather loafers — changing my blown out tire under the hot mid-afternoon Florida sun. I already knew my guy was awesome, but he earned like triple awesome love […]

The BadassBabes Bosu Schwinn field trip … and revisiting 2014 goals

Well, good morning! I am a bit bleary-eyed from the quickest round trip between Tallahassee and Atlanta ever, so forgive me in advance if this is short and maybe even a little incoherent. We got in late, and I got only 4 hours sleep before the alarm went off this morning and reminded me it was time […]

Time Crunch Fitness: 5 minutes, 10, 15, no excuses

Man, this whole puppy mama thing takes some TIME. I know it’s nothing like what my Badass Mamas of real babies go through, but I am definitely seeing a change in my schedule and routine since the arrival of Sir Burpee. Less sleep, less down time, and more time waiting on him, playing with him, […]