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37 years, 37 lessons and blessings

Forever 18? Forever 21? Well, maybe not. But as I get ready to turn 37 on Friday, the passage of another year always makes me a little bit pensive and reflective. Am I where I want to be? Have I learned anything from the past year, and all those before it? Is my faith growing […]

Cruel hot summer calls for a cool playlist, cool smoothie!

Humidity sucks. There’s no sugar coating it. Run a race without humidity, and it feels pretty invincible. Add in humidity, and every mile sucks. The best recent example for me? The Peachtree 10k in Atlanta on July 4. A hurricane to the east ended up drawing all the humidity out of Atlanta and dropping the […]

Back to the track to prevent PR backtrack (Say it FAST 5 times!)

Sometimes, we forget how much we really loved something until we get a taste of it again. Sometimes, the thing that is the HARDEST to do is the best thing for us. It’s true in life and love. And in fitness. It’s also true that unexpected workouts are sometimes the best ones. Just ask this […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Tropical Sunshine Muffins featuring Blue Diamond Almonds

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. A few facts: Sundays are for baking. Baking calms me. Warm muffins are delicious. Warm muffins make me happy. Coconut and pineapple make everything sweeter. And almonds add healthy, tasty ‘oomph’ to just about anything – whether slivered on top of a salad, ground into almond […]

Timing is everything: In faith, in HIIT, in business

Timing is everything. We can’t often control it, yet it can mean the difference between success and failure; happiness and sadness; love and loss; a great workout or a mediocre one; the perfect steak or an overdone hockey puck. This week, in a chapter more blessed than I can even put into words, the timing […]

No diets, just NOURISH: Inspiration from Lorna Jane’s new cookbook

“I eat to nourish my body with whole foods that will give me the energy to live an amazing life.” — Lorna Jane Clarkson AMEN. After reading that line in the first pages of Nourish:  The Fit Woman’s  Cookbook, Lorna Jane’s new cookbook, I was pretty much sold. As in, “how did Lorna Jane read my […]

WOD by the numbers: 5-4-3-2-1!

At Badass Fitness, the coaching team always reminds our students that true health and wellness is about fitting in fitness when and where you can. Maybe it’s a full hourlong workout. Maybe it’s 30 minutes. Maybe all you can do one day is a 4-minute Tabata drill and/or a short after-dinner walk with the family. […]

Fitbloggin Kitchen-spiration: Avocado Chicken Curry Salad

I already knew I loved avocados, but the recent Fitbloggin 14 kinda made me want to eat ALL the avocados. I blame/thank this delicious avocado-blueberry salsa served at the welcome reception: It featured blueberries and a little kick of jalapeño peppers – an unexpected but delicious combo that needs to be recreated soon in my […]

The 2014 Peachtree 10k, in 10 pictures

Whew! The Peachtree 10k has been completed and the BadassFitness crew here in Hotlanta is kicking the real fun into high gear! We spent the afternoon eating, drinking, shopping and have more fun on tap this weekend including brunch, a Sweetwater Brewery tour, and a fun dinner. But we are still on a runner’s high […]

5 Badass-Approved Summer Road Trip Snacks: Blue Diamond Almonds and more!

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. On the road again. With Fitbloggin in Savannah last week, the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta this weekend, and IDEAFit in California next month, my travel schedule runneth over. Which can wreak major havoc on healthy eating plans. I mean, have you perused a convenience store lately? Airports […]