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Feeling stuffed, doing ‘STUFFED,’ stuff to get excited about!

I have felt stuffed since Monday. Who’s with me??? ‘Tis the season, people! We had our office Thanksgiving potluck Monday, and this Paleo girl ventured off the ranch and to the dessert table where there was homemade pumpkin pie and something very chocolatey called “sex in a pan.” Say what?!? Yeah, it was as good […]

Thanksgiving! Blessings, Turkey & Trimmings and a quick WOD!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! I hope Thanksgiving is a wonderful one for you and your loved ones. I know I have many blessings to reflect on. I’ll be enjoying a relaxing day and meal with friends here in Tallahassee after putting in some work – 15k worth, to be exact – at the Turkey Trot tomorrow […]

A really good Sunday, and a cycle ride that hurts a little but heals a lot

It was a really good Sunday here in Tallahassee. Gray, rainy, windy. Yet filled with love, endorphins and some healing. After such a tough week, it was a day focused on friends, family, and being grateful for what we have while praying for those who lost so much in recent days. I got to spend […]

Please Pray for our City

I’m not writing this post to tell you about a workout or some recipe. I am writing it to ask for your prayers. Please pray for my city. For our city. Please pray for Tallahassee, Florida. We are hurting. The past week has brought violence, death, sadness and fear. Two shooting incidents just days apart, […]

HIITs, Hydration, Hardships

If I could only do one type of training, it would be HIIT. It’s efficient, requiring as little as 20 minutes if done effectively. Multiple muscles are engaged. Plus it brings that awesome “after burn” where the metabolism is revved up and keeps burning calories. And it REALLY gets the energy up. This time of […]

Reebok Cardio Ultra Review: Ultra Fly

I own a lot of workout kicks. But for the past week, that yellow pair on top of the “mound o’ shoes” has been my go-to for just about everything but running. TRX class, Bosu bootcamp, Tabata Bootcamp — the new Reebok Cardio Ultra has powered me through them all. I’m learning why the Reebok […]

Make This Now: Ginger Dragon Chicken Stir Fry

It’s always a good day when Frieda’s Produce sends a box of goodies. Sometimes it’s eats I’m familiar with, like those delicious Stokes purple sweet potatoes. But often I get new fruits and veggies that push me outside my comfort zone, in a good way. This most recent package contained fresh ginger and Green Dragon […]

11 Ways to ‘Be an EleVen’

The following post is part of my role as an Eleven by Venus ambassador. All thoughts are my own. Why give 100 percent when you could give 110 percent and REALLY see what you’re made of? Why skip the victory lap after a race, after having put so much effort into those miles? Why just […]

Lessons from Veterans and Badasses, Part 1

Did you get today off work? My office was closed for the Veteran’s Day holiday, and we closed the Badass Fitness studio as well. Instead, a group of us took our workout to the pavement with a 5k honoring local veterans. It was a great showing of our local Moms Run This Town chapter as […]

The Yin to Your Yang: Finding ‘Thank You’

My life has lots of “yang” in it. Run, cycle, hurry up, jump, move, push, pull, power, speed, race. Is yours like that? What about Yin? The more mellow balance, the still counterpart to yang? Yeah, that doesn’t come so easy to me. Before the studio opened last year I was doing yoga regularly. “Church […]