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Finish Line Pride

I heart these people so much. These are some of the faces and hearts that make the Badass Fitness studio such a special place. These are some of the people who come in every week and give 110% because they have personal goals and fitness pursuits.    Some of us are working to get faster […]

Rykä: The cross trainer we ladies need in our life

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, the cliche goes. And that cliche has merit when it comes to exercise, and how our knees, hips and joints line up – or don’t – while we do it. Did you know: A woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a […]

(NOT) Going the distance

Remember that time, a couple of years back, when I ran five half marathons in three months plus a few 5ks and 10ks in between? And then, after the 5th and most wretched of the 5 halfs – Space Coast! Never again! – promptly suffered knee pain that kept me sidelined for several weeks? Yeah, […]

Sir Burpee’s 1st Birthday, and God’s big shove

A year ago today, I was staring at this picture of three 12-week-old Maltese rescue puppies available for adoption, wondering which one to choose. The next day, I drove to Sarasota and that little guy in the middle looked up at me – just like this picture shows – as if to say “Pick me!” And […]

Jugglings, failings, reckonings…and a killer cycle profile!

So, umm, yeah, about that whole “I am going to stay on top of this blog schedule and post regularly” thing… Turns out, when trying to juggle a full time PR job, fitness studio ownership and an increasing (and much welcome!) workload as a master trainer, writing blogs has to come second to sleep and […]

“Muscle Recovery Mochaccinos” and Body Peace

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? There was a time when I would watch that show and marvel at the actress’ “perfect” looks and figures and then quietly deconstruct and criticize my own. She is so thin and perfect! I wish I could pull off a dress like that…I wonder what she eats […]

Circuit Challenges … and giving up bacon

I really like bacon. With my breakfast eggs. On salads. In chili. In cookies. Covered in dark chocolate. Wrapped around asparagus or sweet potatoes. However you dish it, I’m grabbing it! So … I’m giving it up for Lent. I pondered other things like wine, chocolate, coffee. But really bacon is a bigger sacrifice, in […]

Donna Marathon Weekend: Tatas, seashells, finish lines…and my #LJFitChallenge report card

I spent my weekend with these fabulous friends and cancer survivors and friends and family of cancer survivors. It’s hard to really describe what the weekend was like. So many emotions. Crystal’s mom Ronnell who recently battled breast cancer was there, and back home our friend Sharon went into hospice care after fighting cancer for […]

Join me for the Lorna Jane FIT Challenge

When we get complacent, we get nowhere. It’s true in school, career, relationships, and of course in fitness. Even as a fitness instructor, I have to keep this in mind and constantly set new challenges – for myself and for my students. Sure, we could do the same exact thing in class every week. But […]

The Little Cycle Fundraiser That Could…a lesson in generosity

The next time I doubt the power of a team, I will look at this piece of paper saved in my purse: The next time I doubt the power of prayer, I will look at it. I will pull it out the next time I doubt whether good can trump evil, or the next time […]