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“Muscle Recovery Mochaccinos” and Body Peace

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? There was a time when I would watch that show and marvel at the actress’ “perfect” looks and figures and then quietly deconstruct and criticize my own. She is so thin and perfect! I wish I could pull off a dress like that…I wonder what she eats […]

Circuit Challenges … and giving up bacon

I really like bacon. With my breakfast eggs. On salads. In chili. In cookies. Covered in dark chocolate. Wrapped around asparagus or sweet potatoes. However you dish it, I’m grabbing it! So … I’m giving it up for Lent. I pondered other things like wine, chocolate, coffee. But really bacon is a bigger sacrifice, in […]

Donna Marathon Weekend: Tatas, seashells, finish lines…and my #LJFitChallenge report card

I spent my weekend with these fabulous friends and cancer survivors and friends and family of cancer survivors. It’s hard to really describe what the weekend was like. So many emotions. Crystal’s mom Ronnell who recently battled breast cancer was there, and back home our friend Sharon went into hospice care after fighting cancer for […]

Join me for the Lorna Jane FIT Challenge

When we get complacent, we get nowhere. It’s true in school, career, relationships, and of course in fitness. Even as a fitness instructor, I have to keep this in mind and constantly set new challenges – for myself and for my students. Sure, we could do the same exact thing in class every week. But […]

The Little Cycle Fundraiser That Could…a lesson in generosity

The next time I doubt the power of a team, I will look at this piece of paper saved in my purse: The next time I doubt the power of prayer, I will look at it. I will pull it out the next time I doubt whether good can trump evil, or the next time […]

Dreams come true.

Sometimes, God is subtle. Other times, he kinda sticks it right up in your face like a whipped cream pie. Today¬†was like that. First, Sir Burpee and I got all down in the dumps after the orthopedist delivered the very bad news that he does in fact knee surgery on his right knee — to […]

2015 Race Season Kickoff: Chloe, Trent, and why Tallahassee rocks

I kicked off my first race of 2015 this morning with about 1,000 other runners/walkers/joggers, and it will probably end up being my slowest 5k of the year at 26:43. And guess what? I am loving that. Because I got to start the race with BadassBabes and other running friends, and I got to start […]

Floating kneecaps, pounding pavement, and a new TRX butt kicker

“You have floating kneecaps.” Sounds horrible, right? Well that’s what the vet told Sir Burpee this week after we went to see why he’s been hobbling on one of his back legs occasionally when he tries to play too rough or jump up on his back legs. Yeah, can you tell how thrilled we both […]

This blogger’s not dead; Just chasing goals, cherishing moments

HELLO! I’m not dead! This blog didn’t go kaput! Yes it’s been about a month since I blogged. Yes that’s long enough to make a reader THINK the blog is done. But sometimes life’s goals take precedence. Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day. And sometimes, more important moments with loved ones […]

Kicks Review: Staying Fit and Fierce with Asics GEL-Fit Sanas

As much as I could live in my workout clothes from sun up to sun down, there’s something fun about getting dolled up now and then! But what if fitness wear could let us feel kind of dolled up? Feminine, but fierce. Flirty, but ready to work it OUT and get down to business. What […]