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A HIIT Reality Check, and 2 Fave non-HIIT workouts!

I slept TEN hours last night, and woke up very aware of my glutes and quads. These smiling faces are to ‘blame’: Yep, this group attended my daylong Tabata Bootcamp™ training on Saturday and are now certified Tabata Bootcamp™ coaches! They are ready to hit the ground running with this HIIT-based bootcamp program, nationally recognized […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Blue Diamond Honey Chipotle Chicken

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Whenever people say “Chicken is boring,” I feel like inviting them over to prove otherwise. Yes, a dry plain chicken breast is boring. I ate plenty of those during a fitness competition several years back. But that’s not the way chicken is meant to be. It’s meant […]

When it’s too hot to eat, drink hemp…plus 5 ways to sneak in hydration

The following post in sponsored by Fit Approach LLC on behalf of Manitoba Harvest. Here in little Tallahassee, we apparently made the national weather news this week. Because of this: Temps of 99-100, with humidity and a blazing sun that makes the “feels like” temp a whopping 108 degrees. It has been seriously wretched the […]

New TRX Challenges, and Sir Burpee gets ready for his close up

One of the best workshops we did at IDEAWorld was the TRX HIIT session. The workout was just a few Suspension and RIP trainer workouts but oh man! Cycle through those puppies at 45 seconds each, and we were pretty much toast after about 20 minutes. Which is exactly what HIIT is all about – […]

IDEAWorld Expo Fitness and Foodie Finds

The IDEA World expo is like the mutha of all fitness product expos. Hundreds of fitness products, healthy food products, apparel brands and more. It’s a little overwhelming the first time you walk in. Sometimes it’s just best to lay down and chill first… Well, not really. That’s just us BlogFest roomies being silly. BUT […]

IDEAWorld Inspiration: Redefining “Like A Girl”

This is one of my favorite Bondi bands: Not because I am the fastest runner or because I care whether girls chase boys or not. I love it because it basically calls bullcrap on the notion that to run “like a girl” means to run behind the boys. To run with less finesse or power. […]

IDEAWorld BlogFest: Midway through the Fitness-palooza

Whew! We are in day 2 of the IDEAWorld BlogFest and the schedule is pretty nonstop! So this blog is going to be quick and dirty, and I am doing it from my smart phone so forgive me if the pics are poorly sized or laid out. I will fix it later! Highlights: 1. The […]

Puppy fit lessons: Walk strong, carry a big stick

See this face? Sir Burpee is just a puppy, and I am still training him and teaching him plenty of things. But he has some pretty valuable lessons to pass on to me, I am finding out. That face, by the way, is “Please don’t go across the country to the IDEAWorld conference this week […]

Birthdays, workouts, & guilt-free liquid chocolate

So I got you to read this with that “guilt-free liquid chocolate” headline, right? Hey, whatever motivates us will work! Now you’re here, I’ve got your attention, and there really is a recipe for liquid chocolate goodness in this post: First, let’s talk about birthdays. I’m all about dragging out the celebration for like a […]

Overdue blog alert! Perspective from a toddler, and happenings

Overdue blog alert! Perspective from a toddler, and happenings

Well hello there! My name is Shannon and at one point I blogged daily. Lately? Not so often. The last week and a half has been so busy, with a great birthday week full of surprises and an expanded studio schedule plus lots of PR job deadlines, that I haven’t blogged AT ALL. It’s been all […]