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A Week’s Worth of Whole30 Eats Looks Like…A LOT of food!

This weekend I was really feeling my food prep groove. Heading into the final 10 days of this round of Whole30, I finished making a boatload of food to get me through the week ahead. All told, it took me about 2 1/2 hours between Saturday and Sunday – and now I won’t have to […]

This TRX workout makes you feel like a superhero!

My weekdays are super busy, so typically class planning for the week ahead happens Saturday or Sunday afternoons when I am really relaxed and letting my muscles recover. This is great for my spirits and muscles, but it can result in classes that are far tougher in execution than they seemed when I was writing […]

Cavegirl Bakes: Venison Beef Stew

When the temperature drops, I crave one of two things: beef stew or chili. This week, beef stew won – in part because on Sunday, when I saw the cold front forecast to blow into Tallahassee by Tuesday, I happened to have all the ingredients for this stew in my kitchen already. And basically I […]

Shop for your ‘perfect’ gym like you shop for your car

So this happened last week: Yes, my little Honda Civic didn’t survive the wreck so I had to go car shopping. I ended up with an Acura TSX and really like it. I’m calling her BadAsh. Get it? A Badass car that is an ash-grey color? Yes, my clever wit is just overwhelming…;) I’m just […]

5 Tips for Rocking Your Whole30 ! And why I’m doing Round 5…

Welp, here I am almost halfway through another round of Whole30 – my fifth! I am doing this one for a few reasons: 1. To kick what was a growing “off the Paleo wagon” sweets and dairy habit: I was letting a lot of sweets and cheese slip into my eating the past couple of […]

Conquering ‘Chemo Hill’ because #cancersucks

Confession: Cancer terrifies me. I talk a big game about pushing through obstacles and always believing we can prevail and overcome, but when I see others facing cancer, I always think, “I could not be so brave. How are they managing this?” They inspire and humble me. When I had a colon cancer scare and […]

‘You can’t stop me!’: A Run-spiration Playlist for Fall

Have you ever done a short-ish run right after a long race and wondered, as your legs feel like lead, how the heck did I finish that race? It felt like that a little bit Saturday morning when I was a few miles into what would be a 7-mile run with Allison.¬†We just did the […]

Half Marathon Do’s and Don’ts

A half marathon – or any race, really – will teach you a lot of things. About preparation. About perseverance. About the importance of Body Glide and deodorant! The BadassBabes learned a lesson or two this past weekend at the half marathon in Nashville. We’d love to hear yours! Ashley Do tell yourself jokes along […]

NashVEGAS Race Weekend, in pictures…

Oh man. Where to even begin?! As the BadassBabes head back home from our ‘racecation’ in Nashville for the Women’s Running Series half marathon, we’ve got a whole lot of memories to digest from the past four days. More to come on the race itself and our lessons learned, but for now here are some […]

Find your Momentum…and pass it on

Where do you find your momentum? What pushes you to keep going, and to try to get better at whatever it is you’re doing? Maybe it’s more like WHO. Tuesday night, as I led a cycling class at the studio, some of the students’ girls were over on the other end of the room playing […]