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Rethinking Mother’s Day…

Confession: Mother’s Day isn’t always my favorite holiday.  I am nearing 40, divorced and childless. The result of many decisions and choices, some regrettable and some not regrettable.  God closes doors but opens others. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it just doesn’t. To us, anyway.  So as sad as I am sometimes – and particularly […]

Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts & accountability

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Orlando, Florida. Michigan. Louisiana. Back to Orlando. Texas. Atlanta. Los Angeles.  My travel schedule through July is kinda nutty, with fitness conferences and master trainer work from one coast to the other.  Which is awesome for frequent flier and Hilton Honors points but can be challenging for […]

Morning Muscle Smoothie and the Fitness Gamble

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Bottoms up! It’s Friday, people! For the past week I have been enjoying the best smoothie right after teaching early morning classes! It’s got the perfect blend of healthy carbs and protein to fuel my muscles after tough sessions. I call it Morning Muscle, and it was […]

Snack attack! Hop on the Cinnamon Train!

The following post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Well hello strangers! Friday Confession: I had a big, fat heavily frosted gluten free cinnamon roll from Kyra’s Bake Shop last night for dinner.  Yep, the blog AND my meals in some cases had to take a backseat the past week or so because of the following happenings: 1. Sir […]

Lent’s Over! Gimme Bacon on my Bacon…and Brussels Sprouts!

BACON! Easter Sunday marked the official end of Lent, so I pretty much found ways to eat bacon ALL day since I had given it up for the previous 40 days. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies…. Bacon strips with morning eggs…A couple of strips as a mid-afternoon snack. Yeah. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Dawn to dusk. #DontJudge […]

Love is…

Look at this face: The thought bubble on this one goes something like: “Why is this happening to me? Why did I wake up and my knees hurt so much?” And the answer that I wish I could make him understand: “Because I love you, Sir Burpee. This breaks my heart to see you in […]

The workout that has me sore from head to toe! Do it!

A workout doesn’t have to make us sore to be effective. But it kinda feels good to wake up the next day and feel that “ohhhh that was a killer workout” afterburn, right? We recently added an old-school strength class to the Badass Fitness studio schedule, and after teaching it Monday afternoon and then again […]

Finish Line Pride

I heart these people so much. These are some of the faces and hearts that make the Badass Fitness studio such a special place. These are some of the people who come in every week and give 110% because they have personal goals and fitness pursuits.    Some of us are working to get faster […]

Rykä: The cross trainer we ladies need in our life

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, the cliche goes. And that cliche has merit when it comes to exercise, and how our knees, hips and joints line up – or don’t – while we do it. Did you know: A woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and skeletal structure are all inherently different from a […]

(NOT) Going the distance

Remember that time, a couple of years back, when I ran five half marathons in three months plus a few 5ks and 10ks in between? And then, after the 5th and most wretched of the 5 halfs – Space Coast! Never again! – promptly suffered knee pain that kept me sidelined for several weeks? Yeah, […]