Building Temples

We are weekend warriors, fitness “newbies,” triathletes, new moms, middle-aged dads, grandparents, gym rats, foodies, yogis and more. But we are bound together by a few simple beliefs. We live to Build Temples.

The Badass Creed

Inside every person — fit or on their way to fit, is a strong, motivated, determined Badass! We just have to unleash it. This isn’t about looking like the cover of a muscle magazine or running marathons. It is about believing in yourself, giving 110 percent, and never giving up while pursuing the finish line. We do not exist on rice cakes, juice fasts or other extremes. We eat to live. Clean food fuels our active lifestyle. Life is about enjoyment, and that includes good food. In all things we seek balance, taking care of our temples as we push to new challenges. We support, respect and cheer on fellow recruits. We turn to each other for guidance or encouragement when needed. And when we need a swift kick in the you know what for motivation, we ask for that, too. We do not let the criticisms or passive-aggressive comments of naysayers bring us down. Our eyes remain on the prize. If we fall down, we get back up and press on. That’s how we roll. We are strong and capable of great things. We ARE the BA Fitness Army. Strong temples, strong hearts.