Travel Survival: Snacks, workouts & accountability

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Orlando, Florida. Michigan. Louisiana. Back to Orlando. Texas. Atlanta. Los Angeles. 

My travel schedule through July is kinda nutty, with fitness conferences and master trainer work from one coast to the other. 

Which is awesome for frequent flier and Hilton Honors points but can be challenging for my nutrition and workout goals. 

The Advocare 24-Day Challenge that I kicked off April 27 is helping to keep me accountable…

(PS the grape Spark is awesome!)

The meal replacement shake, Spark and vitamins got me through a full day of training up new Indorow coaches on Saturday!

And Blue Diamond sent me these awesome Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate almonds to try, so they are coming with me on the road trip to Louisiana for Shockwave training next weekend!

(Tip: Pop one of each into your mouth at a time. Sea salt and sweet chocolate goodness!)

I am also loving the dark chocolate Nuttzo on just about anything! And the travel packs are perfect for trips!


So the nutrition part is mostly staying on track even amid airports and unfamiliar cities. It’s all about choices, right? Sometimes the choices aren’t great but usually one option beats the other.

Workouts are another challenge, so I’ve been holding myself accountable with various challenges and workout circuits that can be done anywhere. 

The Run the Edge challenge keeps me running even on days when I would rather sleep in or binge on Scandal. 

I was so tired after arriving in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on Friday afternoon but that challenge got my tail to the hotel treadmill!

And last week I kicked off a 30-day challenge to make myself do this every day through early June. I did them before Saturday’s training and then this morning before the early flight home: 

Want to join me?! 

I also have this little “Perfect 10” circuit that can be done anywhere – hotel room, hotel gym, living room – so it is ideal for travel weekends when I am away from the Badass Fitness studio. Do 10 reps of each exercise, and go through the entire circuit 2-3 times: 

Perfect 10

  • Pike Pushups
  • Walking lunges – 10 up, 10 back 
  • Sumo squats – sloooow
  • V-folds
  • Walkout planks 
  • Burpees 
  • Side plank to push-up 
  • Reverse plank – 10 second hold x 10
  • Tricep dips 
  • Ready sets 

How do you hold yourself accountable? Is fitness amid travel easy for you? And what should I eat when I am in Baton Rouge?! This girl is pretty excited about some Cajun goodness!

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