Leaping bigger…from a Schwinn bike…hands in prayer

Sooooo this arrived at just the right time this week:


Amen. Because there are a lot of tasks ahead, and lots of strength (and caffeine) needed. Lots of planning. And unlimited amounts of faith.

See this space behind me?


Starting July 14, it will be home toΒ an entire new floor of space for the Badass Fitness studio – featuring Schwinn indoor cycling bikes plus an expanded TRX area soon after that.

It’s a bigger commitment. A larger investment. A bigger risk.

I have fears. I have worries. I will be completely honest: There are moments when I start to second guess myself. The bigger the leap, the harder the fall potentially, right? We tell ourselves this too often.

When, in fact, there is this:


Because here’s what I know: The bigger the leap, the stronger my faith in God and this fitness mission, the grander the journey and the more amazing it feels to fly. Especially when I get to leap with an amazing BA Army that includes our coaches…


And so many phenomenal students, who bring us joy every single day. They believe in this studio. It brings them joy. It brings them a confidence and comfort that in many cases they spent years trying to find.


THEY are why we are running this studio. THEY are why we are expanding.

This was the Bible verse in my Jesus Calling reading earlier this week:


It’s funny how, and when, God opens doors. When I moved into the downstairs space in December, I thought “It would be great if someday upstairs were available. It’s perfect for cycling.”

Someday came sooner than expected. But that’s OK. The door is open, and I am walking through it – with the BA Fitness coaching team and our Army of students.

I cannot wait to teach the first cycling class on these sweet Schwinn bikes!

20140602-213544.jpgschwinnIDEA SchwinnTeamIDEA

Even better: our coaching team will grow.


And so will our Army of students. So here we go! Game on! And check out the schedule starting July 14 for our cycling classes!


Until then, thanks beyond infinity to every single student who is making this possible. God is good. And Schwinn cycling ROCKS πŸ™‚


Coming up: Think you hate Brussels sprouts? Maybe you just need to add BACON… a favorite recipe from this latest Whole30 round.

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5 Responses

  1. Allison Carter says:

    I am so excited for Badass Fitness and YOU! Your dream, your encouragement, your belief in every student to reach their goals is allowing for this expansion!!! I cannot wait to see what God has in store at every turn!

    Summer time expansion, you betcha! So proud of you and so honored to be a part of the BAF Family!

  2. Shannon Moore says:

    So so happy for you and your BADASS army! Can’t wait for this new chapter in your journey. I’m sure the best is yet to come!

  3. Tess says:

    Huge Congratulations on the new space and seeing your vision to see through the fear and trusting enough to go ahead and do it!!!!

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