Living the ShockWave Code: Test Your Limits. Do Your Best. Hustle on Through.


Test your limits. Do your best. Support your team. Compare and compete. Hustle on Through. 

This is the “The Code” of the Shockwave workout program, which we just launched at the Badass Fitness studio this week. It also should be “The Code” we follow in fitness and life.

I’ve been thinking about “The Code” ever since Saturday, when Shockwave master trainer and friend Doris Thews flew in from California to train the Badass Fitness team for the day.


These Shockwave workouts, dubbed by Hollywood media as “the most efficient total-body workout in the word,” are some of the hardest any of us had ever done. Circuit training meets full-body strength training meets IndoRow rowing. It is BALLS TO THE WALL. Short but INTENSE. Working past obstacles. Working for the team. Giving 120 percent, and then feeling that exhausted euphoria when it is done.


So what if we put The Code to work every time we tackled any fitness goal or workout? What would that look like? Here’s what:

1. Test Your Limits: Ask yourself this the next time you take a class, go for a run, or lift weights: Am I testing my limits? Can I push harder? There is NO holding back in Shockwave. That’s why it is tough. But that’s also how we get stronger – by pushing past our comfort zones. You think you know your limit…but when was the last time you really tested it?

2. Do Your Best: We spend so much time worrying about what everyone at the gym or wherever is doing. We often compare too much. Instead, every time, just do YOUR best. Not Johnny’s best. Not Mary’s best. YOUR best. Because guess what? When you keep giving your best, your “best” keeps getting better.

3. Support Your Team: We have so much opportunity in fitness to be part of something bigger than our solo workout. So whether your “team” is the woman on the elliptical next to you who needs  some encouragement, or your bootcamp classmates who need some cheering on, or your corporate kickball team, support them. It might just make their day and keep them coming back – which makes them healthier. And some day, you might just need their support to power through.

4. Compare and Compete: Competition CAN be a good thing when it motivates us to work harder. And comparing our performance from one workout to the next is how we map and track progress. It’s how we know where we started, and where we are right now — and where we need to be next week come race day. You’ve seen those gym rats who come in and do the same sleepwalk routine every morning, never changing, right? They aren’t comparing. They aren’t competing. So find some competition in your workouts – be it a running buddy, lifting partner or just yourself – and push up against it.

5. Hustle on Through: GET to the finish as fast as you can.Why dawdle? Amping up the tempo of your workout is a great way to see new gains. It’s a great way to test your limits. And it will make you a stronger competitor.

So whattaya think about this code? Are you already living it? And have you done Shockwave yet? Tonight at the studio, I get to TAKE a Shockwave class taught by one of my fab instructors. Cannot wait!

Coming up: Forget “can’t have” on the Whole30 – here’s what you GET with the Whole30! And a few foodie adventures in the Cavegirl Bakes kitchen!

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