Conquer the 1,000 #FFBurpees Challenge with variety! A few new Burpees moves!

So you THINK you love/hate burpees, right? I mean, don’t we all love/hate them? Love the results, hate the  actual work because they’re just really friggin tough.

But today I bring you amazing news you might not like it. See, you might not even know yet the full array of burpees possibilities. See, there might just be MORE to love/hate than you even knew! Isn’t that amazing?! I know, not really, but play along maybe?

Anyway, here’s the deal: I actually kinda like burpees. So when Fitfluential issued their 1,000 Burpees challenge earlier this week, I was all in! Plus Under Armour is giving away a head to toe outfit to one guy and girl winner. I love a good competition.

All we have to do is 1,000 burpees between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28, and use the #FFCheckIn hashtag. That amounts to 36 burpees a day. Heck, we do that many in half of a 20-10 Tabata drill in Tabata Bootcamp! And if you are a CrossFit fan, you eat burpees for breakfast, no? And they really are a great strength and stamina builder to incorporate into any fitness regimen.

So let’s DO THIS. And let’s keep it interesting. Let’s not limit ourselves to just the plain ol’ standard burpee. There are so many variations. Check out a few of my favorite ones:

Whew! I seem tired in that video, huh? Well, I was! Thursday started with taking my Tall’s 6 am IndoRow class, then doing 100 pushups and 25 burpees (100 pushups a day, every day, for all of 2014!)….


…refueling with an awesome Whole30 breakfast…


…then teaching a 30-minute Tabata Bootcamp at lunchtime that featured a burpees Tabata drill…


… and then taking ShockWave class after work.


The Polar LOOP that I’m testing out for a Fitfluential campaign got put to the test.


Not bad for my first day wearing this puppy, right?! I’ll have a full review, but so far I am digging it, and love the app that quickly syncs the data via Bluetooth!

So after all that, I came home and devoured this Spaghetti Pizza Pie from PaleOMG. So good! A great last dinner as my Whole30 wraps up tomorrow!


Even though I plan to eat an actual slice of pizza with a glass of wine Saturday night on a  “We Survived Whole30” triple date with friends, my eating won’t change much for the long haul, just as it has stayed Paleo and Whole30-esque pretty much since I did my first round in January 2013.

Whole30 is a life changer, for the better. More on that to come in Monday’s blog, including the experiences of several students! In the meantime, I’d love to know how your Whole30 or other healthy eating challenges are going!

By the way, how is the hydration challenge going? You know, the one from yesterday? It’s for the Move Nourish Believe challenge I’m doing with Lorna Jane and FitApproach. In case you missed it, the challenge is this:

Take 8 hair scrunchies or rubber bands and put them on your left wrist. Every time you drink 8 glasses of water, move a band to the right wrist. (I got these cool neon ones for my Tabata Bootcampers via Amazon for like $7.)hydrationbands

If by the end of the day all eight bands are on your right wrist, you have conquered the challenge! Come back Monday for a new challenge from me, plus make sure you are following the challenge on Facebook here to qualify to win that $1,000 shopping spree!

OK, the weekend is coming, but not just any weekend. It’s SUPER BOWL weekend! Check back in tomorrow for a Badass-approved menu that is so tasty, your football fans won’t have a clue it’s actually good for them!

Until then, keep drinking water and keep doing those burpees! But don’t drink a huge glass of water right before the burpees. Cuz, ya know, that could lead to a messy accident! 😉


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  1. […] Hydration – Thanks to my friend Shannon and her Tabata Bootcamp group (which I am not participating in her program yet), I was able to get in on the hydration accountability bus this week to get ready for making sure I get my 64 oz per day.  One band equals 8 oz of water.  You can read more about the Hydration Band theory on Shannon’s blog post here. […]

  2. not gonna lie – hate burpees! but have that love/hate relationship because they hurt so good!

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