Healthy Meal Prep Survival: Go-To Quickies!


Some weekends are just so busy, the prospect of chopping, dicing and roasting is too much!

For me, this was one of those weekend. I had to log 5 miles first thing Saturday through nasty humidity before teaching my cycle/strength class…


(I know, I know, such a drama queen! But it really was one of the worst runs in a long time…and isn’t it supposed to be fall?!)

… then I had to prepare for Sunday’s all-day Tabata Bootcamp certification for nine instructors here in Tallahassee. It was my first as a master trainer leading this certification, so I was a bit nervous. Thanks to lots of prayer and preparation, it turned out great! They were an awesome group! (PS If you’re an instructor in Florida and want a training at your gym, just holler!)


The Sunday training meant I had just a couple of hours Saturday for meal prep.

I turned to a few of my favorite convenience foods, plus a few new ones I picked up Saturday morning at Trader Joe’s (P.S. 9 am on a Saturday is the best time to shop! Hardly anyone in there, so it makes shopping fast.)

When life gets super busy, cutting corners and paying a dollar or two extra for convenience is totally acceptable!

Check these out:

1. Applegate Farms organic turkey burgers: Delicious on the grill, they cook up on my GNC grill in just 5 minutes. I made all 4 for lunches this week. Just 140 calories each of quality non-processed protein! Paleo and Whole30 compliant!


2. Trident Seafood wild salmon patties: Oh my gosh these are so good and packed with nutrition. Most importantly they are not processed or stuffed with weird ingredients. I love these with roasted veggies or over a big salad. I get them at Costco or Publix.


3. Bilinski’s chicken sausages and Aidells chicken sausages: When I don’t have time to make my homemade breakfast sausage, these are a lifesaver. Totally Paleo and Whole30 compliant and delicious!





4. Pre-cut fresh veggies: Trader Joe’s has a ton of stir-fry mixes, chopped veggies, sliced and seasoned Brussels sprouts and more. This cuts down on food prep time significantly!


Within a couple of hours Saturday, I had a Paleo meatloaf (Cavegirl Cuisine recipe), sautéed kale & mushrooms, roasted Brussels, veggie stir-fry, turkey burgers, and cumin roasted carrots all ready for the week ahead.




Sunday dinner was awesome, and man was I hungry after that Tabata Bootcamp training! When you are training or working on your fitness, the eating is so important – and food prep is key to staying on top of the game, no?

So what’s your favorite convenient but healthy food? Do you have a game plan for your food prep?

Coming up: 5-min cardio blasts for your workout routine …and I start the Grain Brain challenge!

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention ~ I hope you enjoyed the meatloaf!! 🙂

  2. I buy trident salmon burgers at costco! I can never get sick of them!

  3. OMFG I need BILINSKI sausages in my life!!! I have no idea where to find them but when I do, I will buy the store out of stock, they look perfect!

  4. Now I am craving a turkey or Salmon burger, so yummy! I know that I need to start prepping more with how much I have going on it would make life a ton easier.

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