A ‘Handful’ of Healthy Tatas, a Mouthful of Chocolate!


Had my paternal grandmother not survived breast cancer, I never would have met her.

Because my guy’s sister didn’t survive breast cancer, I never get to meet her.

Yeah, breast cancer sucks. But surviving it rocks. Talk about Badass…

Breast cancer is one of my big fears. I survived a scare (and a very not fun surgery) with a precancerous growth in a different, ahem, nether region six years ago. But knowing breast cancer runs in my family makes the prospect all the more scary.

Then I see pictures like this from the team at Handful, whose padded and very flattering sports-bra-wear-everywhere-bras are designed, in part, with mastectomy survivors in mind:


That’s Cary Goldberg, one of the ‘leading ladies’ at Handful. Seven years ago, she kicked breast cancer in the face. But not before it took away her breasts.

This picture, one of many inspiring pics on their Facebook page, might be the most beautiful and empowering thing I’ve ever seen.

While Handful bras aren’t just for breast cancer survivors , I love that for women like Cary, the sports bras serve a unique and special role. They give them back their ‘handful.’

I am proud to be an ambassador for Handful, and especially this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My PR firm just did a campaign urging women to check their tatas as carefully as they check their grapefruit.


Kind of cutesy and funny, but the matter is serious ladies! Squeeze your melons!

And then maybe treat yourself and your “fruits” to a hot pink Handful bra, one of several awesome new colors unveiled recently as the Portland-based company celebrates its move to fully ‘Made in the USA’ production!

The new website launched this week, and last week owner/founder Jennifer Ferguson and team sent me the new colors to try…


I’ve been wearing them for my classes…



…even under dresses at work…


The Handful has no underwire but fits like a glove. You will want to sleep in it, work out in it, wear it under your “real clothes”, and basically never take it off. They even make cute tanks. These are my go-to for yoga and travel and doing errands. So comfy yet sleek! And at less than $50, it’s like the perfect Little Black Dress where the “cost per wear” is so affordable, given how often you will wear them!


What’s your favorite sports bra? What matters most to you? Fit? Price? Color options?

I will be wearing my Booya Black Handful for Saturday’s half marathon in Panama City Beach! The 2nd of 5 half marathons through Dec. 1!

As part of my healthy carb/healthy protein eating pre-race, I got kinda creative and very decadent last night – turning the new Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk into a sweet burrito. I call it the Double-Down Chocolate Quest-rito!


Yes, I know. The Quest is delicious on its own. Especially this new flavor. But sometimes a girl just needs something more, ya know !? And I think the Quest team appreciates when we get creative!

So here’s how the Double-Down Quest-rito went down:

1. Heat Quest bar at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

2. Place in the center of a Julian Bakery Paleo Wrap. (These are awesome – made of coconut and water and just 70 calories each!



3. Mash half of a ripe banana on top.


4. Spread Nuttzo (I used Peanut Free Creamy) on top. (If you haven’t yet, TRY this awesome nut butter! Use my ambassador code badass-15 for 15% off!)


5. Sprinkle unsweetened coconut flakes on top, then fold like a burrito.



6. Microwave for about 15-30 seconds to warm it all up and get it really gooey. Then enjoy!!!


This was so good. I’m making it again soon! Have you tried Quest bars yet? How do you eat them? Cold? Plain? Or do you get creative?

I ate this puppy, and then for good luck slept in the Booya Black Handful I am wearing for the Saturday race. Because really, what goes better together than chocolate and a great bra!?

Coming up: Panama City Half Marathon Recap, 5-minute cardio blasts to amp up your strength training,

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  1. MJ says:

    OMG I wish I could still eat chocolate! Don’t think my apple cinnamon quest bar (love) or the vanilla almond would work quite as well – but I’v got almost all the ingredients so I may try some variation. (I haven’t loved their xylitol flavors, but may try banana bread – was disappointed in a few, gritty texture). Still haven’t tried nutzo – would try the peanut free, but it’s got hazelnuts which I don’t like. (how much does it taste like hazelnut?)

    Glad to hear the new Handfuls are out. I’ve wanted to try one – my problem is usually with the bottom band – has to be tight enough but not too tight (and best if seamless) or it irritates my ulcer/hernia.

    Loving your blog and the fabulous recipes. (I make swaps like carob for chocolate and teecino dandelion “coffee” for coffee)

    Have a great race this weekend!

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