Cavegirl Eats: Fitbloggin’, Peachtree 10k Foodie Finds!

Lara Bar Minis: I have loved LaraBar for a long time, and ever since going Paleo and doing a few rounds of the Whole30 challenge (more on that here), these are my go-to healthy all-real-food fuel when traveling or doing a 10K or half marathon. But sometimes I don’t want or need the whole bar. The Minis, handed out at the Peachtree Expo, are a perfect (and adorable!) half-bar portion. 
My favorite is the Apple Pie, but they also come in Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie. At the expo they also had the Lara Bar ALT mini’s. The small size is perfect to fit inside my race-day shorts pockets for fueling mid-race on a half marathon or post-race on a 10k. All energy bars should come in mini’s! Mad props, Lara Bar!

Blue Diamond Almonds: I came home from the Fitbloggin’ 13 conference in Portland last week with so many bags of Blue Diamond Almonds, it surely should have set off alarms when I sent my bag through the security scanner. “We have an almond smuggler over here in Lane 2!” Fitbloggin-Blue-DiamondI already knew I loved the sea salt Blue Diamond almonds and their Bold line of zesty flavors, but at Fitbloggin’ I fell in love with their new line of coffee-inspired varieties, including mocha and caramel macchiato. Umm, yeah, these are DELICIOUS. I made my Tabata Bootcamp students very happy when I gave out bags of the coffee-variety almonds to those with the best class attendance and homework completion.

Veronica’s Health Crunch: Can crack rock be healthy?! Veronica’s Health Crunch has me thinking YES. This gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free nut mix is so delicious, it’s admittedly challenging to keep portions sensible. Almonds, walnuts, pecan, cranberries, honey, pumpkin seeds, almond oil, shredded coconut and sea salt come together for one of the tastiest Paleo “granola” mixes I have tasted to date. The small Niceville, Florida-based company was at the Peachtree expo and is also sold in my own Tallahassee at Tomato Land (this news makes me happy!) as well as other cities in the Southeast including Atlanta (full list here), or you can order online.


SF-7X Super Fruit: I don’t do energy gels or “fruit” energy drinks that are mostly Franken-gredients and very little actual fruit. I’d rather eat the real fruit. But SF-7X Super Fruit is a gummy bear-like sustained energy snack made of nothing but fruit concentrate, citrus fiber and pectin. One little bag has 2 full fruit servings and 140 calories, and is gluten- and sodium-free. SF-7x_PeachtreeThe company representative, xx, was part of the Jeff Galloway expo booth and told me the SF-7X is meant to be a blood sugar stabilizer – not a quick shot of energy like energy gels and drinks. So it’s ideal for using between meals or an hour or so before a workout. And a great option for hiking, camping, and traveling in general! You can find it online.


Quest Bar White Chocolate Raspberry and Strawberry Cheesecake: A highlight of Fitbloggin was Clark, Quest Nutrition’s social media guru, who hooked us up with samples of Quest’s newest flavor – white chocolate raspberry – and other flavors including my new fave, strawberry cheesecake. These are gluten-free, low in sugar, high in protein, and among the least processed of any whey protein bars out there – hence I love them for a primal protein treat! Quest is sending me more of their products to try, so stay tuned for a full review (and giveaway!). As soon as the white chocolate raspberry hit a GNC or other store near you, GET ON IT! That flavor is awesome.


Until then, eat cheesecake guilt-free!


Pre-Made Paleo: I spotted a picture of Pre-Made Paleo food in my Facebook feed, and when I saw that they work with the Whole30 team to develop meal plans, I had to give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did. This Atlanta-based company prepares and ships frozen Paleo meals ranging from a “sampler pack” (for $135 it includes a few full meals, breakfast hashes, chili, burgers, trail mix bags, etc.) to a family pack of 15 meals and 10 breakfast hashes. Everything is Whole30 approved. Boom!premade-paleo2

The cost ranges from $135 to $300 for the family pack, which isn’t cheap – but also not all that expensive compared to the fast food or sit-down eating out you might do when you get into a time crunch and can’t cook a meal on your own.

The sampler pack has been perfect for me these past few weeks, as I’ve been busy with travel and haven’t been home to do weekend meal prep. The night I returned from Fitbloggin’, I quickly defrosted and heated the barbecue chicken, sauteed green beans and braised cabbage, and had a delicious Paleo meal ready in like 15 minutes. Every other meal so far has been delicious, including the awesome turkey sausage breakfast hash! I scrambled a couple of eggs in there, tossed in the last of a bag of spinach, and voila! Breakfast FEAST in 5 minutes! I enjoyed it in the car on the road to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race.


Having a few more meals in the freezer for Paleo “emergencies” is a big stress relief, and the food really is delicious! Pre-Made Paleo’s owner and chef was at the Peachtree Expo giving out samples of his meatloaf and teriyaki meatballs — amazing! I can’t wait to try more of his menu!

So what are you snacking on lately? In the comments below, tell me – and fellow Badass Fitness readers – what  we should try next!

Coming up: Badass Bookshelf Summer Reads and Cookbook Must-Haves…a fun partner workout circuit…and my review of the full Quest Bar line!

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  1. Miz says:



  2. Lucie says:

    I love Blue Diamond Almonds especially the Cocoa Roast, so delicious! And I agree on the Questbars – if any bar, than this one. I am hooked by the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor as well as Banana Nut Muffin.
    When I returned from the US last month I had a TON of the almonds, Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze packs and Questbars in my bag, I was amazed that they did not call me out 🙂
    I LOVE the ‘Wonderfully Raw’ Coco-roons – my favorite snack, especially maple vanilla flavor!

  3. Poppy says:

    Not sure how I missed the Quest guy. Maybe he passed by when I was trying to discreetly spit out an other unnamed bar I tried 🙂

  4. I REALLY MUST TRY PRE-MADE PALEO!!!! Oo looks so delicious!

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