Tabata Bootcamp: Because Less is More

Less is more. Quality beats quantity. Intensity trumps duration.

These are the principles of  the 8-week Tabata Bootcamp that Badass Fitness kicked off this week with 20 amazing men and women who are ready to prove what a growing body of research is showing.tabatagroup

We have been conditioned to think we MUST log an hour or more a day of exercise for it to count. The Tabata Bootcamp program calls BS on that, just as researchers are increasingly finding value in high-intensity workouts lasting less than 10 minutes.

Knowing how time-pressed we all are, I LOVE this research. I especially love the Tabata Bootcamp formula, and am thrilled to be the first to offer it here in my north Florida city! I have incorporated traditional 20-10 Tabata drills into my classes for the past few years, but this program is a whole new level of awesome, with intervals of varying duration and a whole-body, whole-mind approach to getting stronger.

Created by Gliding Discs founder Mindy Mylrea, a tiny little powerhouse who also serves as a master trainer for Schwinn and Bosu, Tabata Bootcamp is all about upping the intensity of our workouts in exchange for shorter durations. No workout is more than 30- to 45 minutes, because when you are going at that intensity, it doesn’t NEED to be longer. The intervals also ensure a caloric afterburn that keeps the metabolism humming all day. Moreover, the program emphasizes the full package of health, fitness and results by emphasizing nutrition and overall behavior change during the eight weeks.

A hallmark of Tabata Bootcamp is the daily “homework”: 6-minute mini workouts to kick off the day and get students’ heads in that fit, healthy mindset. Again, less is more. Intensity over duration. Six days a week, my bootcampers will do this homework and I will be checking in to make sure of it, via our web portal. Plus three days a week, we do our bootcamp sessions. Along the way, we talk about nutrition, eating choices, and ways to fit more movement into our everyday lives, whether it’s walking to the bathroom furthest away from our desk or visiting a colleague down the hall instead of sending an email.

Every 2 weeks, we do fitness and measurement assessments to track progress. Accountability, results, total wellness and strength. Tabata Bootcamp covers it all. And in less time than it takes to go grocery shopping or wash the car!

The New York Times just highlighted an article in the May-June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal  that used a 7-minute, 12-exercise routine using just body weight, a chair and a wall, to prove that high-intensity interval training even in these short durations provides just as good of a workout as prolonged endurance sessions.

So here are 3 ways to fit in fitness in 5 minutes or less. No excuses, people! Go HARD. Make it COUNT. That’s what we Badasses do! Oh, and when you’re done, check out the giveaway below! Badass swag for you ladies to keep your eyes sweat-free during these short and sweet workouts!

1. Do the Perfect 10 Circuit



2. Do the Bosu Plyometric Circuit, one round, all 5 moves in a row for one minute each



3. Do the Pushups Trifecta, looping through with 20 reps of each for 5 minutes total


WHEW! OK, so how’s about a Rafflecopter giveaway as reward for pushing through those?! This time, it’s a Badass Fitness Bondi Band!

bondi3I love these things! Enter to win, and I’ll announce a winner Monday!

Coming up: The formula for building a Big-Ass Badass delicious warm-weather salad meal!…The workout ear phones that FINALLY fit – and stay – through running, weights and more…and STAND UP for these 3 must-have core moves!


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  1. I became a TBC trainer in March and love it! It’s changed how I do personal training! It’s also changed MY home fitness routines! I LOVE IT!

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