Color Me Happy with YMX by Yellowman

In the past two weeks, I have learned what it’s like to run 13.1 miles, teach TRX bootcamp and cycling, and do cone drills in Kangoo Jumps — without wearing any pants or shorts!

This is a very good thing, and I have YMX by Yellowman to thank for it! Let me explain…

The company sent me their Infinite Geometry racing short in a beautiful blue geometric pattern and their Elemental Earth racerback tank featuring a purple Polynesian-inspired print to try out as part of my role as a Fitfluential Ambassador. They asked that I blog about my experience, so here we are!

The best fitness wear feels like ZERO wear. It moves with us like a second skin, and rather than getting in the way of our workouts, it enhances them — all while making us look fashionably fierce.

This is a high bar to achieve, and lots of fitness apparel out there nails only part of the equation. YMX absolutely achieves the high bar, then scales it like an Olympic high jumper. Yeah, I’m more than a little bit in love.

I opened the package and was immediately wowed by the colors and shiny patterns, the cut of the clothes, and the silky feel of the fabric.

I said a “thank you” for the cute – and functional little back pocket on the tank (pictured, below right) and was happy to see the clothes come with built-in sun protection for my outdoor Florida workouts!

So they look pretty. But how would the clothes fare? I put them to the test, and they passed with flying colors:

Infinite Geometry racing short

I wore the shorts one Saturday this month to a special-edition Badass Fitness Bootcamp where we used Kangoo Jumpers to do plyometric drills, running, lunges, squats, cone drills and even hurdles. I went right from that class to teach my cycle/strength class, and those shorts stayed cool, shapely, and so comfy I literally looked down a couple of times to make sure I was still wearing them. I got lots of compliments, and when girlfriends touched the fabric their eyes lit up.

I wore them again this past Saturday to run a half-marathon, and I am so glad I did. These are my new go-to running shorts because they are so lightweight, have the perfect stretchy but well-fitted waistband, and are so flattering.

Elemental Earth racerback tank

I wore the top to my TRX Bootcamp class on Monday morning, and as you can see here in this video featuring a quick circuit for building that “SexyBack,” it stands up to lots of movement – AND looks so pretty! I love the vibrancy of Yellowman’s colors and prints. It is what makes them different and unique.


So to sum up why YMX by Yellowman is a notch above typical fitness apparel…three reasons:

MadKool: That’s the fabric that makes Yellowman so, well, “mad-kool.” MadKool makes the clothes, including the ones I now want to LIVE IN,  extremely lightweight, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and stretchable while still holding their shape. MadKool fabric has a gorgeous shine to it that resists fading, making me feel kind of “dressed up” even as I am pushing it through bootcamp, TRX, cycling and running. The clothes also contain sun protection of UPF 30+, which is ideal for the spring and summer days ahead in sunny climates!

Art-turned-Fitgear: YMX (an acronym for YellowMan Expression) actually began in 2009 as a branch of the tattoo clothing brand YellowMan, which had been founded five years earlier. Both lines are filled with gorgeous prints that are based on original tattoo artwork collected from around the world. Yellowman dubs their clothing “groundbreaking wearable works of art.” This is not an exaggeration.

Designed for runners, yogis and cyclists who are also fashion fiends: I am all of these things, not to mention a TRX and bootcamp group fitness instructor. So the YMX line of tanks, shorts and pants in patterns and fabrics I can wear straight from the gym to lunch with friends or errands is exactly what I am looking for when I invest in fitness wear.

I loved this stuff so much, I just ordered a pair of leggings and a fiery red sleeveless top. Hurry up, postman, and deliver those goods!

So tell me: Have you tried YMX? What do you look for in fitness apparel? Are you willing to pay a little more knowing it lasts and is multi-purpose?

Coming up: I whip up a new GNC Leanshake treat to make your mornings bright and sunny…a new Paleo chicken salad recipe for spring…a killer Bosu circuit …and a rant against fad diets, quick fixes, and the celeb mags and trainers that promote them.


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7 Responses

  1. I heard lots of great things about YMX! You sport it well 🙂

  2. Coco says:

    LOL on having to look to make sure your shorts were still on! These sound great and I do love the colors/patterns. I am noticing that I am drawn to certain pieces of gear day in and day out, so if they are high quality I will definitely get my money’s worth, even if they cost a bit more. Plus, no price is worth the pain of chafing!

  3. SUCH AN AMAZING REVIEW!!!!! I am a 2013 YMX Ambassador so you are preaching to the choir here. LOVE their clothes!!!!

    • Badass Fitness says:

      Awesome and congrats on being an ambassador, Jody! A company worthy of ambassadorship and promoting for SURE! 🙂

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