#MeetMaxwell: A health care model that rewards us for the Badass Journey!

Sometimes I think my doctors and my health insurance carrier should pay me. No, really.

I’m that dream ‘low maintenance, low-cost’ customer who saves them lots of money because I never need to go to the doctor except for my annual and semi-annual required checkup visits to the dermatologist, dentist, etc. I’m too busy eating healthy, working out regularly and staying committed overall to the Badass Journey to get sick beyond the occasional stuffy nose. And frankly, I don’t have time for the paperwork and red tape that inevitably comes with using my insurance.

Well, what if an insurance plan actually REWARDED me for hitting the gym every day and taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Nice job on that half marathon, Shannon! Here’s a Starbucks on us!  What if I could actually buy HEALTH insurance instead of SICK insurance? What if the ‘what if’ were the real deal?

Enter Maxwell Health, the ‘what if’ turned REAL DEAL. Let me briefly get on my soap box here and say I am pumped enough to blog about Maxwell’s unique model because it’s long overdue that we found a way to link health insurance with healthy living incentives — especially as so many children and adults suffer from obesity, diabetes and all the related ailments that are driving up insurance costs for everyone.

I began working with Maxwell recently through my ‘day job’ as a PR director at Moore Communications Group. Last week the Boston-based team sent me and several fellow fitness bloggers a sweet Valentine’s gift box filled with two dark chocolates, a Starbucks gift card, a Jawbone Up (holy awesome #fitgear!!!) and a note card that said: #MeetMaxwell.

Who the heck is Maxwell, right?! That is not my boyfriend’s name! ‘Maxwell’ is Maxwell Health. It’s a new kind of health care ‘concierge,’ so to speak, that is all about making the health insurance process easy, rewarding, and very personalized.

Maxwell offers insurance through Cigna, Aetna, Humana and other partners in Florida and more than a dozen other states, and they help customers find the ideal insurance plan based on their needs, lifestyles, family size, etc. Then when you need doc visits scheduled or claims navigated, their advisors actually take care of it. Five-star customer service is a big feature of Maxwell. As the website notes: We want you to stop wasting time on things that should be handled by someone who knows the ropes. No more headaches, thanks to Maxwell Health.

What I love is the wellnesspart of Maxwell. They actually provide members with personal health coaches! And they’ve created a mobile app for tracking activity with Fitbit and Jawbone devices, so Badasses like us can earn wellness rewards for brands including Starbucks, Amazon and Best Buy.

Here’s how: when you sign up with Maxwell, they send you your choice of Fitbit or Jawbone. The rewards program encourages healthy living by giving Maxwell members gift cards and other perks after they hit milestones like a certain number of steps logged via the Fitbit or Jawbone. As in: You logged a record number of steps at the Capitol this week, Shannon! Here’s a Best Buy gift card on us!


I chatted for a few minutes with Veer Gidwaney, the CEO and co-founder of Maxwell, about this new health care model:

Q: So what’s this Maxwell Health all about?

Veer: Our purpose is to reovlutionize everything about health insurance by making it about health. It sounds simple, but that isn’t really the case today. Everyone needs health insurance. But not everyone is healthy. So we see Maxwell as a great vehicle for solving that problem – and shifting people’s behaviors even just a little bit. If we can shift even 10 percent in terms of better eating, better fitness, better stress mngmt, I think we are moving in the right direction.

Q: What does the ideal Maxwell member look like? Do I fit the bill?

Veer: There are a lot of people out there who are self-employed, and are on their own, like those in the fitness industry, and they have to buy their own insurance. This is a great model for them. Also, many people buying insurance on their own want to pay as little as possible each month, so they choose a high deductible, low premium plan. For those people, staying healthy is really important to prevent costs. Maxwell is that link that fits their lives.

Q. Why was it important for Maxwell to include the rewards program?

Veer: We know it’s not easy to break even every month for a lot of people, so we hope this is that little incentive to make the difference. I wear a Fitbit. I live in Manhattan and we haven’t had a car in years – so I easily get 7,000 to 10,000 steps on weekdays, and on the weekends it’s 15,000 or more with my 3-year-old on my shoulders. I hope we can create a walking culture with this.

Q: Why launch Maxwell Health now?

Veer: It’s become clear that we need to give our kids better lunches in school. It’s become clear we need good grocery stores in communities of all income leves. It’s clear that we have a major obesity and diabetes problem. And it’s clear the landscape is changing with the Affordable Care Act. Maxwell doesn’t solve every problem. But it solves enough prolems for the average person and small business to have a smile on their face.

I LOVE that. And I can’t wait to test out my Jawbone and report back in a couple of weeks. Thanks Maxwell! So nice to ‘meet’ you!

Coming up: GNC ‘Berry Lean’ pancakes for the weekend! And a running playlist to get you to your finish line.
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  2. Kate says:

    This is so awesome! Health insurance is no fun, especially when you’re shopping for it yourself. But this makes it easy. Plus who wouldn’t love to have their health insurance company encourage them to actually be healthy?

    • Badass Fitness says:

      Kate, so true, right?! I am just surprised no one thought of this sooner – but glad Maxwell is here! 🙂 Thank you for reading!!

  3. What an awesome sounding program! I love how they are encouraging people to change their habits and realize the effect that has on their health. I am curious how they handle the unexpected things that come up for healthy people though. For instance I’m a healthy weight, eat a green smoothie a day, workout on a regular basis, and have no underlying health issues. Two months ago out of the blue I started having digestion problems and stomach pains and was unable to eat a lot. Blood work, an ultrasound, a colonoscopy and endoscopy, sample collection and tests, and a CAT scan later, I have IBS. While IBS is the best case scenario diagnosis out of all the things it could have been, I had to have a lot of expensive tests to find that out that sometimes I am going to have bad stomach aches but that there is no real harm. Thank God my insurance covered it all in full. I worry a little when people say that because they do everything right they’ll be healthy. Sometimes things get thrown your way you don’t expect. I do love the idea of them giving back to people who make the right choices, because in the long run healthy people have way less medical bills than unhealthy ones.

    • Badass Fitness says:

      Erin, so true that things can come up even when we live healthy – ab 5 years ago I had a scare and went through the colonoscopy etc. But in that case, Maxwell makes sure your plan totally covers any such occurrences – just like any health insurance should. But yes, like you I love the idea of being rewarded when I make healthy choices 🙂

  4. Katy Widrick says:

    This is VERY cool…I have Florida Blue, and I know they’re working on becoming more of a wellness company. I’ve never heard of Maxwell but I’m excited to look into it!

  5. Wow, what a great company. I wish they were an option out here so I could sign up. I love free stuff just for doing what I already do! Live a Healthy Life!

  6. Melissa Love says:

    I’ve been seeing this all over and wondering what it was about. What a GREAT idea! They need to get this into the schools and to teachers hands.

  7. I wish my employer would jump on the healthy/active rewards bandwagon when it comes to insurance! This sounds AWESOME!

    • Badass Fitness says:

      Rebecca, they might want to check out the Maxwell site – serious benefits for employees and affordable plans! And healthy employees are more productive:)

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