Powerful core = Power performance, at every level

“Strength from within” isn’t just some cliche or motivational message to slap on a poster.

Strength from within will make you run faster, jump higher, CrossFit better, endure bootcamp with more ferocity, and generally perform just about any task like a Badass.

A strong core starts from deep within that abdominal wall and radiates out to the six-pack we all covet. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t come without effort. We all want it, but are we all willing to #getafterit to get it?

My TRX, bootcamp and PowerCore students know all about the importance of the core because I preach it often – and because we work the core throughout our workouts, whether it’s a TRX atomic pushup or a bootcamp drill that has us planking like a human ladder while fellow students jump hurdles over us – which also engages the core!

Today’s Power Core WOD is just 2 series, each to be repeated up to 3 times, for a workout that will take about 30 minutes and leave you feeling a little bit – ok, maybe a lot – whooped!

We did part of this Sunday in my class, where I flowed easily through this as I sported my new Yogi Clothing outfit. Try this on for size and let me know what you think!

Coming up next week: My GNC Lean Shake Peppermint Mocha Protein gets delivered, and my oven births some BADASS and healthy brownies! A recipe for your holiday baking!

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  1. […] added in a room heated to 104 degrees or so. Holy core on fire!). This is also why I love posting core routines on this blog. As challenging as they are, they are like vitamins – really good for us, really […]

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